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Should I wait??? Metron vs R11

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I am looking for a summer ski bargin and found a pair of Atomic R11 for 260 Uk pounds.

I am an advanced skier and like to ski off piste whenever possible. I have three trips per year to the Alps and a ski in Scotland when possible - not very often and certainly would not use my new skis there!!

I was all set to buy these after reading some good reviews until the assistent mentioned the new Metron skis out this year.

Should I wait and miss this bargin?
Will the Metron skis be that much better? I guess they will cost at least 150pounds more.
Which is the Metron equivelent to the R11 (all mountain)?

Are the R11's the best all mountain ski?

Thanks in advance for any advice - I have been told so many different things by different shops I totaly confused.

Also would I even notice the difference between the two skis only skiing the amount I do.

Really I want something to make off piste easier and that I can still ski on on-piste.
At the moment I have some old exrental Rossignol carvers - nothing special. Anything would be an improvement.

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I own a pair of the R11's in a 180. I'm an advanced skier, weighing about 205lbs, and ski 35-45 days a year. I've also demoed the new Metron 11 (172)in mostly spring conditions. Let me say that I found the Metrons to be a blast in those conditions. Despite some pretty tuff going, I had a smile on my face the whole day. They handle the spring crud and bumps with ease, really made it fun, although they ski light, so I'm not sure how they would do in an icy racecourse, but they held well on any scraped off hardpack I could find. The R11's tend to be heavy, particularly in heavy wet snow, and are not as easy to manuver in trees and bumps, and tend to cruise more like a GS ski on the groomers. I would say that if you're a bigger guy that skies with a lot of power and speed, then the R11 would be a good choice. However, if you're looking for something light and lively thats easy to manuver and won't wear you out, the Metron would be the way to go. Good luck.
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If you are a devoted off-piste skier, then it's definitely worth waiting and spending some extra bucks to buy any of the Metron series. I am just doing that right now looking around for a fat backcountry ski, still not sure what exactly I'm gonna end up on.
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Tim99, I am pretty sure we have some R11 still in stock that I most likely could get you a better price on. And we also have a few of the metron series in stock that I could ship out to you. Email me at matt@kbemail.com

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Thanks for the advice.
I am keen to progress as an off piste skier but at present by no means accomplished. I am 5'10'' and 12.5 stone. (using 170 standard Ross carving skis - ex rental!) I find the skis I have ok for on piste in good conditions but off piste I get tired very quickly and I am always leaning back as far as I can - almost to the point where I an coming out of my bindings.
It looks like what I want is the Metron's as they will make off piste a little less hard work?
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I've been on the general ski discussion forum and ahve been given advice like
"its the carpenter not the tools"

Will I really notice any the difference between R11 and Metron M11?

I only ski at most 3 weeks a year and I am trying to improve by off piste technique. (stop leaning right back)

Is practice what I need not the lastest skis.
Some advice suggested getting lessons instead of skis.
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I am not yet "sold" on the radical shape of the Metron series. I am keeping my R11 until I get to ski on the M11 & B5 metron again. An 11m turn radius in a 172cm ski, was a little weird when I skied on them off piste. I have found the newer R11 with the beta-puls arms considerably more user friendly than the original R11.20.

I have not found the R11 to be as demanding as many folks on Epic have expressed.

The bottom line is you really should demo any ski you are considering before you buy it. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, abilities and technique that may not have any similarity to yours.

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Well, Cupolos made up my mind, with a new pair of R11's for $219. Same length and dimensions as my Dynamic(Atomic) Mystics which I have skied to death. The Dynamics are the best all mountain ski I've had.
I've got a big fat pair of SL9's in 170 which I bought looking for something whith a big sidecut but wider and softer than a pure slalom ski , they are fun, but pretty twichy in mixed snow and bad visibility. I'm not sure about a 12 meter radius in an all mountain ski either, but I know a deal on a rock solid ski when I see it. I'll give the Metrons some time to thrash out the design and come down in price.
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*Psst, over here.* Don't tell anyone I said this but go for the R11.
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