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A Farewell to my East Coast Friends

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Given that we will be heading west next weekend, I wanted to say this now. It's foolish sentimentalism, really. Good heavens, I "talk" with you folks almost every day in the forum! But I was always happy to know that most of you were a hop, skip and a jump away if I really wanted to see you. Now, it may be more complicated. So at the risk of being laughed at for posting "sentimental tripe," here goes:

Bonni: We started out on the right foot, then switched to the wrong foot. Now I consider you one of my best friends. I was honored to be at your wedding.

Skier j: I've always considered you a good man, and now you have found yourself a good woman. Treat her well! You deserve her.

Oboe: Your ethics and integrity bring honor to your profession. I'm glad I got to know you and Dr. Bigfoot!

Skierteach: You are an elegant skier and a very kind person. Let the elegance of your sport help you find elegance in your life.

Kevin F: You where there when I skied my first REAL Black Diamond! {Okemo does not count} I'll miss those Sugarloaf trips!

Springhill Crazie: Your humor, integrity and good will towards everyone makes me sad that I will not be able to make it to ETU to see you. I hope you will be heading west someday.

Epic: I'll miss seeing you, but I'll miss your beautiful little Alsacia {sp?} more!

Same for John H. and Gill. I probably will not do any DC conferences for awhile. PM me if you guys come west.

Madbee: It was wonderful having you in class on Tuesday nights! Your progress was amazing! And what can I say about someone, whose response to my inviting her to CO. to ski, is that she would come to CO. to take my class! (passed my road test, BTW!}

TomB. and Delta8, I was hoping to catch up with you folks in Toronto this summer. Looks like I'll have to wait for ESA.

James D and everyone I met briefly at ETU, I hope to see you at ESA.

For those I've never met:
Alpine Zone: I love your site, but I've avoided it because I feel like a traitor! Okay if I come post sometimes, even if I'll be from the west?
Scalce, Xrisi, WVskier, Xdog, Physicsman, Coach and others I've not met , I do hope that are paths will one day cross in person.

Between the gatherings and the academies, I have probably met close to 100 Bears. They are some of the finest people I know!
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Good luck on your new venture. I know you'll be a great success. I've enjoyed the times we spent together and I hope to be in your company again. Best regards to Mark. Just try and keep me out of Summit County, it's been too long since I last was there. Now I have another reason to visit.
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A most decent compliment, and thank you for your kindness in giving it. Dr. Bigfoot loved skiing with you - and especially LAUGHING with you! Perchance we'll visit the new Coloradans (preferably in winter). Please keep in touch, and our very best wishes for a roaring success in your venture!
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Safe Travels LM, Mark and all your critters!
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It was great to meet you after talking with you several times in PM's and through posts here. Putting the face with the name makes a difference. We will miss you at the ETU. Maybe sometime, if I get the time (and extra money since I am saving to go to the ETU and hopefully the ESA first)I will head out to summit country(most likely a school vacation). We know this isn't "goodbye". Some way, some time our paths will cross again. Until then, peace to you and have a safe, smooth trip to your new home.

Thanks for the compliments about my skiing, somehow you and some others see much more in my skiing than I feel.
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Which foot are we on again??

You're not rid of us yet---we've never skied Colorado! Don't worry....we'll stay in a motel room, tee hee:

Thanks for some memories the last couple of years. Even though I have the feeling we are not done making memories, I've seen some stuff with you on a chairlift that had my hackles up (Desperado: and the Snowbird lift in the fog ) and had me laughing and in danger of falling out!

Here's to more good times ahead, MOUNTAIN MAMA! (and Mountain Mark!)

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MOTEL ROOM??? Not on your life!!!! Why do you think we got the 2 bed 2 bath?
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....I've got cousins just outside of Littleton, how far is that from where you are going to be? There last name is the same as mine, there couldn't be too many people around with that last name.

I have a couple other pictures of you, LM, but I can't upload them here and I did not put them in the link to Bonni and Jeff's wedding that is on my site. Send me an email address and I'll get them to you.
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posted by LM:MOTEL ROOM??? Not on your life!!!! Why do you think we got the 2 bed 2 bath?
Jeff snores like the Burlington Northern.
I'm doing you a favor!
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You should hear Mark!
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It's a smart woman that knows when NOT to stay over at a friends!

Have a good trip LM. If Mark gets lonely, he can come up for the weekend. We're not far from a lot of skiing. We have a spare room too!!!!
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Your leaving?
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Sorry we never got a chance to meet up att Okemo! Hope to see you out west someday!
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Safe travels to you and yours, Lisamarie!

I look forward to welcoming you to your new home in Colorado. Be sure to give me a ring when you get here!

(Actually, that will have to wait--I'll be visiting family back in Maine when you arrive. We'll be back in Colorado July 8--look us up!)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Welll, hey...I haven't noticed anything web-wise bout' BlueHills adding any backcountry terrain: ...so you just might as well head West

Will see you sometime... at the Western Invasion:

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"Heading west" -- are you driving, LM? If so, what a way to anchor all those driving lessons!

(However you head, wishing you a safe and pleasant journey!)
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LOL! People have warned me that the biggest danger is falling asleep from boredom when we drive across the "Plain States!" This whole escapade has been a test of the age old question, "How much do you want this?"

You pay your dues just in the drive from Brookline to Summit County. No matter which route you take, it's a sleeper.

The car had to be taken to the shop from that time back in April where we got "side swiped" in Cambridge. At first, they told us it may not be ready in time. WHEW! Mark just picked it up this morning.

The day before we were supposed to close on our condo, our bank got held up!

Three days before I was scheduled to take my driving exam, my instructor had an emergency with his kid. Had to take a lesson with this godawful instructor who I had complained about on the first lesson. He arrived 20 minutes late, and spent the whole lesson yawning, saying "you're gonna fail." I passed just to spite him!

Our original plan to buy an existing studio fell through, when 2 days before we were scheduled to fly out, the seller reneged. It was Mark's idea to try to "start from scratch."

Its seems like each day has inspired a Dorothy Parkeresque exclaimation,
"What Fresh Hell is This!?" Oddly enough, I've remained relatively calm.
I did have my first verifed panic attack last night. Kept me up till 5:00 am.
I'm guessin' that's normal.

If all goes well, we hit the road tommorow.
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I guess I have been gone a while. Lisamarie, I did not realize that you had moved from the Peoples Republic of Taxachussetts to Colarada. That is both a cultural shock and exciting.
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Like I said, come visit!
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