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A permanent wave

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A Mainlander was driving down the highway, and he ran over a rabbit. Wondering, what had happened, he stopped his car and got out to look. As he is standing there, looking at the dead rabbit, A Newfie, wonderering if he can help, stops and asks the Mainlander, whats up? Mainlander says: "I 'm here visiting your fair province and I seem to have killed one of your land rodents. Newfie looks down and sees the dead rabbit. The Newfie says. No Problem, B'y (boy). Hang'er down a few" (meaning stay there for a few minutes) Newfie goes to his truck, and returns with an aerosol spray can, He empties the spray can over the rabbit, He then chucks the empty can into the ditch and sez( says) "There ya go, me son, Enjoy yer stay." He gets in his truck and is gone, down the road, The rabbit gets up, hops 10 feet towards the woods, turns around and waves, hopes 10 feet , turns and waves, hopes 10 feet and waves, and then the rabbit goes into the woods. The Mainlander was astounded!! Wondering what the Newfie did, he got the can out of the ditch and read the label, which said: Hair Spray guaranteed To Bring Dead Hair Back To Life With A Permanent Wave"
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Yeah!! The bunny lived! Happy!
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