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Andes Season Delayed

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Bummer, seems like a poor start to the Andes ski season. Both Portillo and Valle Nevado have delayed their openings by a week or more.

Hopefully it'll get cranking by July, but they're gonna lose some serious dinero if things don't improve soon.

This is why I don't go til' Sept., at least you're assured a good base at that point.

Last season started slow as well, but 2 seasons ago, they had 20 feet on the ground by now.
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It's too wigin warm down there. The temperatures every day are way above freezing and they barely get down below freezing at night. The weather is behaving exactly as climatologists have been predicting: wild swings in weather with extremes of precipitation and storms. Expect droughts, floods, warm when it should be cold and cold when it should be warm. It's global warming baby, get used to it. We're screwed. I hate to think of spending thousands to go skiing and then spending two weeks skiing on ice and rocks or sitting in a hotel lobby studying spanish. While I'm ranting and raving, I might as well also point out that most of the world's problems, political and ecological, would simply disappear if the earth had about half the population that it has.
Wild eyed and breathless in Reno,
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