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Where do you ski out of season?

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Does anybody use the dry slopes? If so which ones? This question is probably more aimed at people in the UK who ski since we dont have any ski resorts! (Apart from a couple in Scotland)
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Indoor slopes:
Milton Keynes.

(Vicky, check out snowHeads.com for a bunch of Brits)
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Thanks a lot, I'll check it out!
I've never used Castleford before, is it the 'real' snow stuff? I heard it's quite expensive...
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I wish that there were a place around here that offered indoor skiing for the off season. The only place I ski in the off season is in my dreams! This is why I started my ski web site, so at least I can be a little closer to skiing in the off season.
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Chile, Argentina ;-)
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Vicky it's £20 for an hour, or £30 for two, but it is real snow, and it is skiing!
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New Zealand.. Second season down here. Should get back on snow in the next couple weeks! Can't wait!
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Vicky, in the UK: dry slopes, indoor snow domes, "Metro Ski" revolving carpet simulators, or... grass skiing (still commercially available at Gwent Grass ski centre, near Usk, S. Wales, I believe).
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There is still lots of snow on Chinook Pass just 45 min from my house. It was snowing up there a couple weeks ago when I was driving over. Still around 5'-6' along the road and it should last through July. I plan to head up there thursday after work for some turns and will take my 5 year old with me.
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Mt Hood has lift served skiing all summer. I'll be there for two weeks in July. It's my 23rd year of summerski.
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Indoor slopes close by, works all year long.
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I have heard some talk about the possibility (and it was only something that has been brought up - I have no idea if it was looked into or not) of some of the smaller MA area getting snoflex. I know there is a new snoflex area in Denver, and I thought one was going in NY (but I may be mistaken). I know there is also a ski simulator in Albany, NY. Tenney Mt opened last year in the summer, but only for a few jumps and rails, no open skiing, but with their ICS (Infinate Crystal System) snowmaking, they could theoretically open year round (but didn't they have money problems this year?).

Basically, I just ski in my dreams in the summer too, but I intend to make it to Hood or Whistler one of these years to do some summer sking, as well as possibly looking to go to NZ, Aus, or Chile to teach one summer.
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Hood's still good as far as snow at least as of this past weekend. Plus, many of the ski manufacturers have their race demo centers set up in Government Camp for the summer race camps. Ordinary folks can at least eyeball next season's latest and greatest race machines. Further, the Race Place and Reliable Racing set up summer shops there. The ski companies with democenters include Atomic, Dynastar, Fischer, Nordica, Rossingnol, Salomon and Volkl and maybe some others that I overlooked.
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What do you mean, "out of season?" Here in Portland we have skiing all year thanks to the Timberline ski area.

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Originally Posted by Powderhoundin
New Zealand.. Second season down here. Should get back on snow in the next couple weeks! Can't wait!
Welcome back to NZ. Are you going back to Porters?
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I heard rumours about a year ago that a huge indoor snow dome was to be built in North Wales, which wrapped itself around an entire mountain. Apparently it would make Tamworth or Castleford look tiny. Any Brits out there know if this is still the case? Or did I dream up the whole thing?

As for off-season skiing Vicky, why not spend a week in Les Deux Alpes during the summer. There always seems to be some kind of ski camp going on. Closer to home though, try your hand at mountain boarding - awesome fun.
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TC it was just another rumour - if the UK had as many indoor slopes as are suggested, there'd be one in every town. Unfortunately there's not, and I have to drive about 30 mins to get to the nearest one!
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(should have added, Welcome to EpicSki! )
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thanks very much - yes i think on reflection they must have been rumours - i mean who would voluntarily travel to wales anyway? apart from the returning welsh...

best just pray that this global warming theory that the uk will in fact get colder comes into fruition and cakes the uk with regular snow (albeit it laced with chemicals). until then, casetleford it is...
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yeah, if the gulf stream goes, we get snow.
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Then all you'd need are mountains.
Mind you, this is coming from one who calls an 80 meter hill "home".
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ahhh mountains. knew i was forgetting something slightly critical! i'm sure us brits will do what we normally do: go skiing anyway - reaching speeds well in excess of 3mph - and then not complain that the whole experience was, in fact, rubbish.

...or we could just carry on flying to france for $30 and ski mountains that are higher than 4000ft - our best offering!
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