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Line Responder

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Evogear is selling a Line ski that apparently was never marketed called the Responder and selling it pretty cheaply. I've got a lot of respect for Line equipment and wonder if anyone knows anything about this model. You can check it out at www.evogear.com
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Looks like an 04 or o5 ski. It's predrilled for the Line Reactor binding, hence the 4 hole patern. I seriously doubt that anybody has acutally skied this ski yet, but you might try newschoolers.com. Lots of line riders over there.
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but the Responder is a non-twin tip Line ski. I highly doubt anyone even on Newschoolers, or Freeskiing.com have skied it. Call around to a bunch of shops and see what they can tell you, chances are many have not even heard of it.
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