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Softshell Layering

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Hi all I just picked up a softshell for next season, the Ibex Neve. How should I layer under and over this product? I know they are supposed to breath better and be warmer but not sure how much I should wear under it as it seems pretty light. I am hoping that I won't have to wear more than a midweight insulator under it... Also, how does it handle skiing in powder etc... Any advice is appreciated, areas I ski in are Midwest, Rockies, BC etc...
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I have a Mountain Hardware soft shell that I wear when it's above 20F and not snowing/raining too much. It blocks a great deal of the wind and is warm enough that I only wear a medium weight t-neck shirt under it. Race days I'll wear it over my suit. It's also great for summer camps, but it gets a bit warm towards the middle of the day. I wish it had more ventilation options at times, but I won it at a race (err, I won the post-race raffle, not the race), so I can't complain too much. It's been a favorite for a couple years now.
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Pretty much what has already been said. When the weather is nice, my Mountain Hardware Alchemy is great. Say 20 degrees and up, all I wear is a midweight layer underneath. When it gets cold, well below zero, same stuff, but maybe a shell over the top.

Works great in pow, but I use pants with a very high waist, not quite bibs, but higher than normal.
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I have an REI one made of Scholler Dynamic fabric that has been really great in the spring, but I find it is not as windproof as I expected in more severe conditions (maybe I was expecting too much of it from what I had read). It is certainly more breathable than my goretex xcr shell, but I find that I layer about the same under it as the goretex shell. Its a great garment for moderate and dry or dry snow conditions, and you don't need to worry about venting as much if you overdress or the temperature rises.

Isn't the Ibex the one that is made out of some sort of merino wool rather than synthetic? It's performance characteristics may be different than the Scholler fabrics. My impression was that it was heavier (both weight and insulating).
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I really think it depends on you. I wear a shell most of the time and even on cold days all I wear is a light fleece, and a wicking tee shirt. I still get hot most of the time. I have a 70+ year old friend who skied at Camp Hale after the 10th Mountain Division in the Korea years and all that he wears is a sleeveless tee shirt and a shell and he never zips the jacket or even wears gloves. He only wears a thin cloth glove on cold windy days and he never wears a hat.... even on the lift. He says all those cold nights in the Q huts made the cold feel normal to him. He still skis well and got most improved skier this year at a camp we were at in Winter Park.

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The Neve does have a wool nap. The fabric seems real tough... I guess I'll just have to try it and see... I would like to go as light as possible meaning I would prefer not to wear a hard shell, maybe I'll just get a very light waterproof shell... If anybody out there has this jacket would they give me their on mountain impressions/experience?
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I started using my Cloudville Serendipity (Schoeller fabric) pretty much as my exclusive outer layer for resort skiing this season. I wear an Icebreaker merino wool mid weight base layer and often a very thin Black Diamond fleece layer under it. If it's colder and/or windier I'll often wear my Marmot Driclim windshirt as a mid layer instead. If I'm expecting rain/wet snow I often throw my Mountain Hardwear Epic jacket in my back pack, super light weight and plenty of protection.

For ski touring, I've actually moved away from the softshell, I don't find it breaths well enough for skinning and I usually skin in just my base layer. I find the Epic and Driclim wind shirt are plenty warm enough as extra layers (Epic gets used the most, with the pit zips open it seems to breath pretty well). Then I throw a light weight primaloft (or down if it's really cold) layer in my bag for rest stops.
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I bought the hardcore jacket McMurdo Parka by TNF was on the pole and got a Baltoro by TNF i used head down jacket when kid need good jacket and TNF mountain bib or mountain pants USE JET PANTS they will protect your knee maybe use braces over 20 as inner meniscus hardens and crack very easy later it dries out kind of i hit the slopes after 15 y and crack now I have only pain as my friend all day i mean you have no control over your meniscus however good you are pile in to survive an accident "even" if you had a t shirt experience so me at mt everest or lech in - 35 C or island cold can kill you quick bf
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