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Honey bee conspiracy?

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Maybe not exactly humor, but ... from yesterday's news:

Truck Carrying 9 Million Bees Spills in Montana

The Associated Press - Tuesday, June 15, 2004; 11:42 PM

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A tractor-trailer overturned on a curve on a highway, spilling its load of hundreds of bee hives and unleashing some nine million angry honey bees...The state road was closed for 14 hours as crews and beekeepers cleaned up the 512 hives Miller was hauling from Idaho to North Dakota. (Full story:


Other unusual, recent stories about honey bees:

DARPA (Defense Research Projects Agency), the ultra-high-tech research arm of the DoD, is sponsoring a three-year study ( ) at the University of Montana to determine if honeybees tagged with tiny radio packs can be used to detect land mines.

"The project now has a tractor-trailer that can deploy a dozen bee hives," he said. "Presumably, it would be brought to a location, the hives would be set up and within hours the bees would start to collect information." (says


From the X-files - Maybe not exactly Montana, but close ...

...An lineman working in an isolated part of the country is stung by a bee. He has convulsions, falls to the ground, and when Mulder and Jeremiah find his body, it's covered in weird welts, suggesting that the alien modified bees are carrying some sort of virus.

...Mulder, Jeremiah and a Samantha clone discover, and then have to take refuge in a strange, large building in the middle of nowhere. There are no people (workers might be a better word) inside, but, for no apparent reason, the building is filled with bees.

...When Mulder asks the "UN Woman" about this location, she claims there are no buildings at this site, and no evidence of bees.


Bees to detect land mines ... sure ...
No connection between these stories ...sure ...
Nolo and Gonzo are in Montana just for the skiing ... sure.

Will the truth ever be known? ...

From the grassy knoll, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Tom / PM

PS - I have been busy at my new gig and haven't been able to post much lately, but the AP news article about the bee "accident" just seemed to cry out for some sort of follow-up.
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You gotta BEE kiddin me!
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