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Historically Speaking

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Which of the following ski areas generally have the best (or at least most realiable) snow coverage and open terrain by Thanksgiving. Keystone, Copper, Breck, or Winter Park. Remember, I said historically speaking so I realize that turkey day is somewhat early and a crap shoot for both snow and open areas. Went to Keystone and Breck in 2003. Being a beginner at the time, there was a sufficient amount open at both. Returned over spring break with a little more ability and found the additional terrain a real plus. Another beginner couple wants to plan a trip and wants us to go along. I want to provide them a suggestion that would allow them to learn yet allow us to have more options.
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All about equal probability.

Wolf Creek is the one in CO that is "historically" always 100% open by Turkey Day.
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Winter Park gets the most natural. But Copper and Keystone have better snowmaking systems. Breck is dead last. Stay in Dillion and drive to where ever has the best conditions. Which at Thanksgiving is often who's just openned up and hasn't seen much traffic yet. Don't forget the Beav.
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Shredhead is right about staying central, Dillon, Frisco or Silverthorne are all with min of Keystone, Breck and Copper. If you can I would wait till Nov to make your plans. It is quiet at that time so lodging is easy to find last minute. That way you may have a better idea of who has the best conditions. If not Keystone has the most snowmaking in terms of acreage covered.
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Copper,Breck,Keystone are always iffy as to % of acres open, but something is always open at that time.

Definitely look into Beaver Creek and Vail (more snow), and although farther away, Steamboat.

Good luck!
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