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Alpine v Touring Binding? Techies please!

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Happy New Year to you!

Hoping you can help me out on this one. I ski an avg of 20 days/season, mainly off piste/bc. last couple of years I've been renting skis, 1-2 days/season with touring bindings. I am now thinking of buying new skis. my question, should I get the diamir fritschi freeride bindings? are they as safe as alpine bindings, I like the look/rossis?
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I think it depends on what you expect from the binding. An AT binding is not going to be nearly as sophisticated in its retention ability, and is going to release rather than retain in many situations where a good-quality alpine binding would keep you attached.

I bought an AT setup for the first time this season, and skied my AT equipment 2 days ago. I am using the Naxo AT binding. I found that they performed fine for my purposes (powder/junk/trees) and like their weight and adjustability.

Would I use them instad of an alpine binding for lift-served skiing at higher speeds? I doubt it. I think of them as a functional niche binding, not as a do-it-all binding.
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I have about 14 days on Freerides and they have been good so far.
They don't have any ramp so there not that great on groomers but I skied Highlands bowl yesterday and they worked fine in the powder.
I know a really good skier on the Naxo's/Tele daddies and he is having issues with the binding flexing. I think I might give the Naxo's a pass until they beef them up a little.
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freerides are really OK. I have used them extensively last year without any trouble and would pick them again.
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I'll also put a positive word in for the Freerides, I've been skiing on a pair of Axis AK Launchers with Freerides this year, both with Alpine and Touring boots. So far they've released every time they should, and haven't released when they shouldn't have. Skiing inbounds with my Alpine boots I honestly can't tell any difference from a normal Alpine binding.
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Shred, I don't know how it is you extrapolate from ONE FRED's problems that all Naxos suck.

As far as I know, your friend sucks arse, and so does the person or shop that mounted his Naxos.

Of course, you'll turn this into an ego thing... wait, you already did by saying your friend (is so BADA$$ that he) flexes his Naxos.

I'm asking for proof of the quality of the mount, the propriety of the adjustments, and the situations in which the Naxos flex.

Pony up, Fred. :
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I have Naxos and Freerides and have not noticed flex problems in either of them. I only have 4 days in on the Naxos, all lift served skiing.
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I tested a daimer (version 2, not freerides), a touring boot, a solomon alpine binding, and a alpine boot in all possible 4 combos, and they all tested within the calibration range on a winterstager (SP) tester.

Durability, like everyone said, they are just fine, ski fast and hard and dont worry
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