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Hey Gonzo!!!!!

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Brent Musberger lives in Missoula?

You need to move.
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How 'bout dem Lakers!?
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Its scary living in Montana. Ya never know if you're gonna end up living next to someone like the Unabomber or an even more infamous Montanan like Phil Jackson.
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Spent Muffburger?

Great. Overpaid obnoxious yuppie No. 13,257 moves to Missoula.

Lakers gonna go bye-bye tonight and they's gonna be Pist-on royally.

say sayonara, "America's Team" !
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You boyz don't be dissin ryan's team.
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike
Great. Overpaid obnoxious yuppie No. 13,257 moves to Missoula.
Could you give us a quick run-down on the other 13,256?
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like Brent, for the most part...

...overpaid for their talents, lots of $$ to buy our local houses, demanding "upscale" tripe around town and for the most part, getting it because of a "celebrity"- or "cultured city person" lust among the local politicos.

They have no idea what they bring upon themselves. And worst of all, you can't tell 'em. They've got ego to spare.
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"upscale tripe"???????

Is that the stomach lining of a Gucci cow?
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only if it's been fed the very best available, no matter what the cost

otherwise it's just snipe, not tripe
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Meanwhile, in Bozeman we try to be rustic Montanans by making our tripe from buffalo not realizing the juniper berries and reduced sherry sauce ruins the effect.
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hey, Rio and Gonz;
Ya'll Montanans ever try just onions, bell pepper and alot of garlic?
Down in south La. we stuff it with ground pork, shallots and parsley..we call it chaudin
(pronounced SHOW-dan), a big delicacy in cajun country! Goes great with a cold Bud...Brewed with south La. rice of course! C'est bon mange', oui!!!
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Such complicated food! Gimme the midwestern diet of Po'k Chops for brekkie...no frills, no shallots (wtf is a "shallot") and certainly no reduced----what was that? I've never even heard the term.
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just hope Brent doesn't try to actually meet gonzo.

he wont come out even with repeated warnings & even calls from the bar from his good friends sitting next to me.

I think he is afeared of me
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dun herd bowt yer fytin' boah!

dem fokes sez you's a bad mofo 'n wuz waytin' tuh kick mah arse!
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