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Rossi Bandit Boots

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How do the Rossi Bandit B2 boots compare with older style of Rossi Freeride Boots (2001 models)? Its time to replace my Freeride boots, and I've been leaning towards the Bandits because of the fit and comfort of my Freeride's.
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Hearsay warning: I've heard newer model Bandits have more toe-room.
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I ski the 2004 Bandit XX (a/k/a B2) Freeride boots...

yup, compared to pre '04 models, they're roomier for toes (doesn't narrow into a wedge that does unintentional footbinding on wide forefeet) AND improved response with great lateral quickness and a smoother fore/aft flex.

still fairly low-volume top-to-bottom (i.e. relatively low instep)

still slightly narrower than average in heel pocket, but foam will pack out to make it just about average.

I like 'em. In the past I've preferred traditional Lange race shell fit (not the wider AC models etc) and Salomon Course fits, and the Rossi B2 is pretty close. Not as narrow as a Head/San Marco, but nice.

of course, as always with boots, these are HIGHLY subjective comments.
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