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race training clearly is one of the best tools to improve skiing ability. (not to mention racing ability) racing in all sports bring out efficiency and technical advancements. think about indy car racing for example, years later the technology trickles down to the cars we all drive. there is also something to be said about competition and develpoing mental strengnth. skiing is very much a mental sport and developing confidence in your own abilities is important. that being said, racing is not the end all, be all answer. skiing all over the mountain(pipe, ect) is equally important in development. it is i feel all the learning experinces and disiplines together that makes the skier. racing however can not be overlooked. the best thing i have ever done skiing wise is to get involved in ski racing as a kid and still race today. this said race training doesn't have to be about racing. it's all mind over matter, if you don't mind it doesn't matter. hope you get the point. it's fun