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9S WC RK SL Plate

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The RK SL Plate on the 9S WC is adjustable and has two different performance settings. What do these settings do? and how do i adjust the plate for each of these settings? The ski is the '05 model.

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I know it's a complicated plate but a friend of mine really needs to know how to adjust that plate because he'll be heading to a glacier in Austria next week.
One more thing - he wants to do it at home (at least i hope that it can be done at home).
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the plate has circular hole with a screw through it to make it solid (that is how it should have come from the factory) and not flex, there is an ovalized hole which you put the same screw through to allow the plate to flex a little. in my experience all the racers from entry level FIS up to world cup leave it in the stiff hole. the screw is brittle and doesn't react well to being used.
do your friend a favor and don't move it.
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Thanks waxman. I'll tell him to leave it in the position it comes from the factory.
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no sweat, enjoy
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Set the GS differently

If your friend (or anyone else out there) gets the GS Race Stock:

Order the lock out's for the front of the plate (small oval spacer that replaces the aluminum screw shim (you see them on the front of the SL plate)). This will stiffen the front of the ski and make the shovel initiate quicker.

Regarding the SL. I am pretty sure that the pin (center of plate) on the SL plate comes in the float position not in the locked out position (all the ones (20) that I recieved where set up this way). So if you want to follow the recommendation previously posted you will need to move it. Be sure not to use a drill driver for this pin, as you will increase your likelihood of snapping it dramatically.

Every dealer who got the RS skis also recieved instructions on the plate so in theory you should be able to call your dealer and get some guidance. If you where able to buy them direct or its some other back door deal then best advice is to go to a race, look for the fastest kid on Rossi and ask him/her what's the scoop.

This plate is awesome, as are the boards.
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