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I saw three pairs of G31's at Viking Ski Shop, Chicago 773 276 1222 Two were 193cm and the other 188cm. Didn't ask price 'cause i've already committed to G3's. That is all.
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I want to hear more about your choice to go with the G3. Size? You and ski? Have you demoed them? I currently ski K2MXP in 188 and really like them. Would like a ski similar, but maybe a little quicker turning but same float in crud bustin ability. Thinking G3 in 184. I'm level 9, weigh in @ 190. Thoughts on G3 vs. MXP??????
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Senor Str8line, no I have not demoed the G3. Decided to go for the extra width, as opposed to the G31. Now 108-70-96, hopefully making it my soft snow ski. Going to mount Marker Piston Control 1200s, been told that the G3 with that binding was a better ride than the Vertigo Motion system. I stand 6'2", weigh 185-188. Like skiing fast, tend toward GS skis in the past, Rossi 7XK, Blizzard XGS, now Volkl P40 Plat. 1st model.198cm. Since that ski is reasonably stiff and busts through crud nicely, though you have to work some in deep snow, I opt to go for the G3 vs. G31( which i would have gone for in a 193cm) since the 31 is basically a wide version of the Platinum in a sense. If you can still pick up the G3 for 400...? But if the K2s are fine, why not go for some G4s or G40/41s? You live out West, that would be a great two ski quiver. I'm in the Madwaste, so this quiver is thinner . I'm probably behind the times, but I went for the 191cm just for a little extra float and gofastability! I was in a shop Sat. that had the three pairs of G31s and some Vertigo Motions. Via the old fashioned bend'em test the G31s are stiffer, but the G3 was not wimpy. Volkl has changed the core on the G3 vs. G31. 31's have the "Sensorwood" core which is the wood core same as the G41 and G4. G3's have the"Wood Cell core" which is described as "4 wood stringers surrounded by polyurethane (foam?) and two sheets of metal(titanal), one bottom and one top" Vertigo Motion has the same construction. The "stringers" are square and oriented with points vertical like a diamond. Since I don't jump on flats or in parks, I figure I'll trust this construction, though I noticed all their new school skis, (V-Pro, V, and V Explosive) are built with wood cores. If you want to look at a picture of the type of construction i'm writing about, try www.Volkl.com, and click through to tech features on their 20/20 skis. Same idea, different materials. I think that is about it right now. Also, i noticed that www.PeterKeelty.com now has their ski reviews up.<FONT size="1">

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