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? About the acadamy

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I was wondering if it would be a good idea to build the acadamy into my family ski vacation. I already know that the acadamy would be a great for me, but I have my wife who has a sum total of 3 hours of skiing under her belt and I want to get my 3 year old started this year.

Does the acadamy accomadate true beginners and will there be anything for my kid?

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ESA is for ALL skiers, new and experienced, over 18 years of age. Big Sky has an excellent children's ski school and kindercare for your 3 year old.

See www.bigskyresort.com for information about their kids' programs.

Hope you can make it!
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If you're coming with family consider a day-trip to Yellowstone National Park. Big Sky is 50 miles from West Yellowstone which is the winter entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Your best option with family is to take a snowcoach to Old Faithful. Old Faithful is its most spectacular during the winter. Along the way you will see dozens of buffalo and elk......way more than you would see if you came in the summer.
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Hey, everyone,

If there is some interest in a pre or post-Academy day trip to Yellowstone National Park, I would be happy to check out the possibility. We tried to get a tobogganing excursion set up last year, but the price was exorbitant. I've heard that the winter trip through Yellowstone is fantastic.
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