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From Ski Racing Magazine, June 07, 2004:
Warren Witherell comes out of retirement to head Crested Butte Academy

Warren Witherell, a hall of fame educator, writer and coach and the founder of the American winter sports academy movement, has been chosen to head the Crested Butte Academy in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Witherell started Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont in 1970 and was headmaster until 1984; he was a member of Burke's board until two years ago.

Ron Baker, chairman of the Crested Butte Academy (CBA) board of trustees, announced Witherell's selection at a brief ceremony at the school. "We are incredibly lucky to have a person with Warren's experience and history of success join, not only our school, but the Crested Butte community," Baker said.

When asked why he'd chosen to return to academia, and why now, the 69-year-old Witherell said, "If Jack McKeon can win a World Series for the Marlins at his age [he was 72], it shows there is still plenty of energy left in some of us."

Witherell is a legend in two ski sports, as a member of both the ski hall of fame and the water ski hall of fame. In addition to founding Burke, Witherell wrote or co-wrote two of the most significant books ever on ski technique: How the Racers Ski (1972), and The Athletic Skier (1993).

"This was certainly not on my radar screen," said Witherell of his un-retirement. "But then I received a call from a friend on the (CBA) board, who asked me to take a look. I found a strong faculty, a committed board of trustees, a supportive town, and a solid financial foundation."

The bottom line on Witherell is that he has a long history of setting and achieving very high goals, both academic and athletic. "I'm a builder," said Witherell. "I haven't been doing it for a while, but I've kept my hand in it." A teacher of English and humanities courses for 20 years, he says he's equally committed to strengthening the academic and residential life programs at CBA.

Crested Butte Academy now has an enrollment of 54 students, with programs for ski racing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and free ride. Joked Witherell, "I'm going to have to learn to say 'winter sports academy' rather than 'ski racing academy.' "

Witherell plans move from his home in Florida to Crested Butte by the beginning of April, and looks forward to the challenge. "My brain power has been under-utilized," he said. "I've got at least one more burst in me."