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SA weather reports

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I find it a bit disturbing, and more than a bit annoying, that neither Portillo or Valle Nevado have conditions listed on their web pages a week from opening day.

How the hell is one supposed to plan an early season trip with no data?

Anyone have a good weather link for SA resorts?
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Maybe they have nothing to report as of yet... I too have been keeping an eye on that. Maybe soon...
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I don't know, Las Lenas is already reporting 30 cm.

I just think they've got their thumbs up their culitos.
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I just think they've got their thumbs up their culitos
Man, you're funny... Let them hold 'em thumbs up in the air cuz it's more appealing to the snow godz.
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They've finally gotten their act together.

Perhaps you were right and there was nothing to report, but now it seems they're getting hit pretty good.
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Yes it is hard to believe that Portillo and Las Lenas have not had their snow reports up and going. But, Portillo is live today! Have you tried the accu weather reports? Also, I called Portillo last week - they have an 800 number and are very friendly.

Try: http://wwwa.accuweather.com/adcbin/p...er=accuweather

I've been looking at accu weather reports for Portillo and Las Lenas every day. We want to do Portillo and Las Lenas this August. Last August we had an 80" base at Portillo and it was awesome! But, I didn't book the trip until I knew they had snow; which was about 30 days in advance. With the current situation, I don't think it will be hard to get "last minute" reservations. The hardest part will be a good deal on airfare.
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A week or so ago, Las Lenas was reporting 50 cm. but right now their web site shows nothing; not zero, just no entry. It's been pretty warm down there; maybe a warm rain took it all away. As for a good deal on air fare, hell, I'd be happy just to get there when the snow is good as opposed to booking in advance and getting "ca ca".
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It started out really ugly there... Warm temps, no snow... It's almost July with only three good months of skiing left. I hope it picks up.
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Late Aug. or Sep. is the only way to go, esp. this year.
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Still a delayed opening at Portillo, they really aren't having much luck.

I'll be monitoring closely before booking.
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It has been quite a bit colder at Ushuaia and snowing lately. At LL its warm as hell and windy. The following is a good weather source.
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I still don't see the snow anywhere... This might just be the worst season in years. It's July already and they're on the same base as a month ago. Bad... really bad...
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Yeah, starting to shift my focus to NZ.

If only some of our Kiwi friends would get back to me.
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Ski Weather Reports & Forecasts for Chile & Argentina

Our weather page has links to all the snow reports, weather and snow forecasts for South America...hope it helps...

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Looks like a nice dump in the Andes, 18" and still coming down.

Booked Portillo today!

Can't friggin wait.
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I've just returned from a week in Portillo and was pretty pleased with the conditions. It was my first trip down so I don't have much to compare it to, but I'd say it was better than the average eastern skiing conditions.

Up on the slopes, we had about 3" of fresh snow on Monday and another 5" or so on Friday. Both days were great, but Friday with it's crystal clear skys was awesome.

Snow coverage on the groomed trails was pretty good, though there were several of markers for exposed rocks. The snow was mostly packed powder which got a little scrapey by day's end. Temps were moderate, so the Roca Jack side softened up around late morning but tended to be crud early on. The Condor/Plateau side tends to stay a little more shadowed in the morning so the snow stayed a little fresher. The entrance to Garganta was a mess of rocks, so that wasn't worth skiing if you value your bases, but Gargantita (sp?) next door had some great snow and few exposed rocks.

My off-piste skiing was pretty limited. I skied along the traverse above Roca Jack quite a bit. Those slopes tended to have good coverage, but a lot of freeze/thaw crud, then mashed potatoes by noon. Unfortunately, it never got warm enough for really good spring conditions. The fresh stuff helped a ton though. El Estadio was awesome and well worth the high traverse. There's a chute between Primera Quebrada and Kilometro Lanzado that held on to some great snow all week. I didn't do any climbing on the Condor side but did traverse out way above the far right Poma lift and the snow was decent. The lake is completely thawed so the Lake Run wasn't skiable unless you really like hiking.

As of last week, they aren't selling day passes to anyone so lifts are limited to hotel guests (and the military in training).

You can never tell how the conditions are going to be when you book stuff well in advance. I had certainly been following the weather reports with concern. Overall, I was very pleased and thought it was a great trip. I've had trips out west with worse snow that were perfectly enjoyable. Good luck to everyone heading down.
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Worst season at Portillo in 40 years. Very disappointing.

Actually left early, in depth report to follow when I get home.
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New Zealand was the call. Check out the TRs on TGR.
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Nah, way too far. I`m sure it was good, but I`m not down for the flights.
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Worst season at Portillo in 40 years. Very disappointing.
No kidding... I've been following their snow report the whole summer and so far I can only count two snow storms. They must be hurting financially that's for sure.

I'm afraid however that the same phenomenon might happen here in the Northern Hemisphere this coming winter. I really hope it will not.
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Damn, I just saw that they closed the Juncalillo lift at Portillo. That REALLY sucks. The whole week we were there, they had crews with shovels and baskets dragging snow from the sides of the slopes onto the bottom traverse to the lift (they do not pay those guys enough!). I guess they couldn't keep up with it, or they ran out of snow.

I'd been watching the weather all summer too before our trip and was getting worried, but they finally went to 100% the week before we arrived. Looks like we really lucked out and got maybe the only good week they are going to get this season. My condolences to XDog, I wish you could have been there a week earlier.
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I just did 10 days at Valle Nevado. The first 7 were sunny with temps in the 60's and 70's. It snowed 2 of the last 3 days so I got a little fluff to dabble in at the end. Compared to the previous time I was there when they got 11 feet of snow in the 10 days I was there, the cover was lousy. You could venture off-piste but you had to pick carefully and much of what saw a lot of sun melted out. Still... 'twas better than the alternative... NOT SKIING.
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Originally Posted by GeoffD
Still... 'twas better than the alternative... NOT SKIING.
Yeah, but not by much, and very disappointing after traveling all that way.

I had more fun hanging out in Santiago than I did @ Portillo.
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Originally Posted by xdog1
Yeah, but not by much, and very disappointing after traveling all that way.

I had more fun hanging out in Santiago than I did @ Portillo.
Unfortunately, Portillo is probably the worst place to hit in a bad snow year. Valle Nevado interconnected with La Parva and Colorado has probably 10x the skiable terrain so there's much more selection. I'm pretty happy skiing in sunny 60F weather and 7 days of that makes for a pretty good ski vacation regardless of how many core shots I got.
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You're very lucky that you're easily pleased. After 3 days on groomers, I'm bored.

Not a fan of drag lifts either, 'cept of course Roca and Condor. They're as much fun going up as the trail is coming down
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Originally Posted by xdog1
You're very lucky that you're easily pleased. After 3 days on groomers, I'm bored.

Not a fan of drag lifts either, 'cept of course Roca and Condor. They're as much fun going up as the trail is coming down
Who said I was skiing on groomers? I spent the vast majority of my time off piste. It's just that you had to wait 'til 11:00 for it to soften enough. No big deal since the lifts spun until 4:30 or 5:00.

It's tough to ski most places in South America or New Zealand without riding surface lifts. The best skiing at Treble Cone is double, t-bar, snowcat. Best skiing at Mt Hutt is double, quad, t-bar. There's some awfully good skiing with minimal traverse-to and hike-to at Valle Nevado off the back platter lifts. The T-bar from Valle Nevado up to el Colorado also opens up a huge amount of steep off piste terrain down to the Valle Nevado road. I'd much rather take a chair but there t'aint one.
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