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I have a question regarding the forum views (for lack of a better word) I get when I'm logged vs. when I'm not logged in. When I'm not logged in I can see the archived threads and when I'm logged in I can't see the archived threads. For example, when I'm not logged in I can see and access pages 1-45 of the instructional forum, but when I'm logged in I can only see and access the top page. Also, when I access the Supporter Lounge, I can only see the latest thread with no other threads visible to me. Can you shed some light for me?
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Customize Your Own Settings In "User CP"

1. You can set the time period of old posts viewable in each forum index by using the drop box on the bottom of each forum index page (default is 75 days).

2. As a registered member, you can customize the number of days viewable for all of your forum index pages. Go to "User CP", then "Edit Options", then scroll down to the drop box and set it to what you want (including ALL Past Posts if you want).

Since unregistered users can't customize this, all posts are listed by default.

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Got it. Thanks AC!!
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