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Ski House Rental

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Anyone have any good resources or leads on renting a ski house?

I'd like to rent a house, preferably for one month, maybe 2, in one of the following areas;

Utah- SLC, BCC, LCC (not PC).

CO- Summit county

ID- Victor, Driggs

Nothing too luxurious, just something fairly well furnished, clean, and with 3 or 4 bdrms. that can accommodate 8 or 10 skiers.

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My sister has a 3 bedroom that she sometimes will rent out by the month I have no idea what she would charge
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Another resource in Summit County Colorado is you will get a certain number of auto resonders that will be of no help, but perhaps someone will have something that meets your requirments and budget.
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You might try contacting Dan Willert to ask about rentals in the Driggs/Victor area. He primarily deals in real estate purchases, but he's probably the most active realtor in that area and he might know of someone who'd be willing to rent. de=014

Happy hunting.


BTW - just to get you thinking about Targhee, we had nearly three feet of snow in the upper Tetons the week of Memorial Day.
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Driggs Lodging


I might have a place for you & yours to stay in Alta, WY depending on our schedules. I can only offer about 7-10 days. Also if you are looking for 1-2 months in Teton Valley, try Grand Valley Lodging (800-746-5518 and and ask for Stacy or Liz. They specialize in vacation rentals in Teton Valley.

PM me on the 7-10 day thing and I'll give you all the details.

Also, if you do end up in Teton Valley, look me up and we'll go make some turns (on some Volkls!).
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I may be semi-spastic Harkin, I can't figure out how to PM!

But I'm interested, on both counts.

Let me try to figure out this PM thing, otherwise, I'll just give you my personal email.

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I have had good luck finding rentals on
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Driggs Rental

Hey xdog1,

I turned on my PM receipt. Go in and turn yours on and then we can PM on this.
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Summit rental at Keystone and 3miles from A-Basin (and free shuttle )

here is a link to my place at Keystone - 4br 4ba.
would love to talk if you are interested.
can walk to Keystone gondola and only 3 miles with free shuttle to A-Basin.

send an email (grab from the website) if interested.

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Originally Posted by gschlact
here is a link to my place at Keystone - 4br 4ba.
would love to talk if you are interested.
can walk to Keystone gondola and only 3 miles with free shuttle to A-Basin.

send an email (grab from the website) if interested.

Looks great, but unless those rates are SERIOUSLY negotiable, I'm afraid it's too rich for my blood.
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You can sometimes find stuff in
Look in the classifieds. On mountain will be considerably more expensive than the townships. But if you are skiing more than one mountain, everything is about a 20 minute distance apart, a bit more to Vail, and maybe an hour and a half, 2 hours to Aspen or Steamboat, depending on traffic or road.
You need to weigh the options. The resort towns have restaurants and supermarkets right in town, other places may require a short drive, or a ride on the FREE bus system. On the other hand, its a whole lot quieter in the townships than the resorts. I'll let you know if I hear anything!
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Hi X,

If you are looking at a month in Colorado, the place to look is Glenwood Springs. Good divided highways that are well maintained and within 1 hour of the real goods in Colorado without having to cross a mountain pass. The skiing at Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, Snowmass, Sunlight, and Powderhorn are all within an easy drive and on the uncrowded side of Colorado!

Good Luck!

P.S. - Glenwood Springs is a funky place with its own character; unlike many cookie cutter mountain towns. It is also below 6000 ft. for those who might be traveling in from areas around sea level.
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Thanks LM, I'll check it out.

And thanks for the lead Feal, but I'm thinking I need to stay closer to the Dillon area to take advantage of the resorts covered by the $300 Colorado pass. Can't beat that deal!
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It's the same deal.

The 300 dollar pass for ten days is good at Vail and Beaver Creek, as well as the Summit County areas of Breckenridge, and Keystone. The big difference would be the crowd situation at the Summit County areas on Fri., Sat., Sun., and Mon. , and the added convenience of additional areas in the Roaring Fork Valley where Glenwoood Springs is located. The skiing at Vail/Beaver Creek is a notch above Breckenridge and Keystone, and you could still wander across Vail Pass mid week for a day or two of skiing at Copper, Breck, or Keystone.

That said: There isn't anything else in Colorado that compares to the terrain, versatility, infrastucture, and convenience of skiing the Aspen group for the day. If you are doing it on a budget, you can easily ski multitple mountains in the same day for the price of one lift ticket. The terrain at the areas previously mentioned just won't stack up to what is available, and it shouldn't be missed by anyone who wants a serious sampling of Colorado skiing. If budget conscious decisions are part of the mix, it should be noted that Sunlight offers very reasonably priced midweek skiing similar to Ski Cooper, but with terrain that is a couple of notches up from the 'family picnic' attitude of Cooper.

For a month or more of skiing in Colorado, I just find it hard to see how Summit County is the best choice. It has been my experience that after sampling the rest of Colorado, Summit seems a little confining after just a handful of days. Good Luck on your planning!
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Hi X,

Looking at the previous posts; there appears the possibility that I responded about a pass different from the one you meant. Since I'm not up to speed on what the pass situation is for the Summit county group is, your comment likely has significant weight on decision making.

I'm sure you will find a great mix of accomodations and skiing regardless of where you should decide to go!
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Keep in mind, that if you are going to spend a full month, the options for daytrips from Summit County to areas such as Steamboat and Aspen are a lot more viable than a daytrip from NYC to New England resorts. It may not be ideal, but its doable, and you'll be more likely to find a semi reasonable lodging deal in Summit County than in Aspen.

I do feel compelled to warn you that after one month out here, returning to NYC will be somewhat depressing! Mark gives me a few very despondent phone calls each day.

Not quite sure if it's me he misses.......or the mountains!
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Yeah, if I'm able to make this happen, I'll definitely be skiing all over. But I want my base of ops to be located near the areas my pass covers, Breck, Key, and A-B. The 10 days at Vail and Beav is another $100, but I think I hafta buy that in person, and I don't know if I'll be able to.

I'll undoubtedly try some interesting stuff, like Chicago Ridge, or Steamboat.

C'mon winter!
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Xdog, sounds like you have decided on Summit County CO. Depending on your budget and what month you want it would be best to make arrangements as soon as you can. The more reasonable places will start to book up for the busy holidays. Ours was booked for Xmas-New Years in June. Presidents Weekend typically books before ski season starts. Folks that rent out their units short term may not have an entire month to rent if you wait to long.

If your budget is restrictive the towns of Dillon and Silverthorne are typically at the lower end of the price range. Silverthorne includes an area sometimes listed as Wilderness. If you are going to rely on public transportation stay as close to the main transportation hub as you can. While LisaMaire is enamored with the Free Summit Stage Bus my experience was limited to trying to use it from Wilderness to Keystone, took well over an hour for a 20 minute drive.

Some sites that might help are and my experience has been that renting owner direct saves quite a bit of money.
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Not necessarily enamored, because it does take forever, but its nice to know its there in case of emergency. There is also a question of perspective. As a former city girl, what should have been a 15 minute subway ride usually eneded up being close to an hour underground, where there was always the possibility of either being mugged, or dieing of asphyxiation from the horrifying smells.

While I'm still enjoying the scenary, the extra bit out of the way does not bother me. Perhaps during ski season I'd feel differently!
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