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Update us after a month or so.....let us know how it's working for you.
Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Update us after a month or so.....let us know how it's working for you.
Good luck!
Sure, I'll give an update in a month or so and then after skiing on NZ.

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Regarding glucosamine etc -- I have heard that the "latest" thing is something called Fluid Joint. Any experience with this? I picked up a bottle the other day, with some hopes. It's milk protein in a chewable tablet.
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Here is a short up date about my Celbrex knee.

The other day I went skiing up on Mount Evans, outside of Denver. We hiked up the "Top Gun Couloir," above Summit Lake. Its fairly narrow couloir, about 20' wide at the narrow chokepoint. Otherwise its a really fun couloir to ski.

We had to hike about 500 vertical feet from the lake to the foot of the snow (over talus and tundra) and then up the snow in the couloir for 1,050 vertical feet. I traded off with my partner, and we each kicked steps for half of the climb. The snow was firm so it took a couple of kicks to get a good step formed.

The skiing was great on a 2-3cm layer of soft snow over a firmer neva snowpack. It was mainly 35 to 40 degree stuff with lots of hop turns. Its always wild to make your first turn (haven't skied in a couple of weeks) on a 35 degree slope of "you better not fall at all" terrain.

Any way, my knee felt fairly good. I had only taken 200 mg of Celebrex at breakfast. I didn't have much pain while skiing, but only while kicking steps on the climb up. My doctor says that if I'm in for a "big day," I can take 400 mg (I'm 6.5' tall and weigh 250 lbs), but not to do that a lot. But, I wanted to try my knee out on only one pill.

The day after my knee felt great. My quads where a little stiff (haven't been on a hike in 2 two weeks). But, overall my knee felt wonderful. Not perfect but a hell of a lot better then its felt like in a year. Celebrex is wonderful stuff. I can't wait to get some turns, in August.

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Its a long story.... Any way, I won't be skiing in New Zealand this month.

As far as Celebrex goes, I have been taking it this summer and been out biking and hiking alot more then I would without it.

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Celebrex Side Effects?

Originally Posted by Hacksaw
Its offical. I'm now on Celebrex. Good thing since I'm going South in August.
Sorry for arriving late to the thread. I was just curious if you had any of the side effects of Celebrex, as described here:


Particularly nausea or any sort of stomach pain?

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Originally Posted by oboe
disski, do you mean sulfa?
So because it's late, and being from New England like yourself, I thought you were just being funny - you know sulfA instead of sulphUR!
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Celebrex helps

Originally Posted by Hacksaw
Greetings folks,

I'm still having problems with my left knee (I've had two scope surgerys in the last couple years. The last one being last summer. I had the right knee done in 1999.) with condromalasia (sp?). I
I have the same problem, chondromalacia, on 1 knee due to wear and tear, old age, and injury. Doctor recommended physical therapy and to try glucosamine/chondroitin (my doc said that only about 50% find this effective). Therapy was several months and I have continued to work out for the past 5 years with steady improvement. Only thing I cannot do is to ski moguls but at 62 who cares.

Started taking celebrex for osteoarthritis in my hands and it seemed to help my knee as well. However, there are some nasty side effects and not everyone can take it. Most common are irritation or bleeding in intestinal tract but there are others but I have had none.

I believe that without physical therapy to realign my patella and strengthen the quads and stretches as well I would not have recovered as completely. Also glad not to have surgury which I was sure I would have.

Find a good physical therapist who specializes in sports injuries and it will probably help more than the meds alone. By the way, celebrex is very expensive but you can buy it in Canada for about 50% of usa prices.

Good luck and hope you have the same success that I have had in dealing with it. By the way, mine was so bad that I could not walk up or down stairs without extreme pain.....now completely gone and just completed a couple of tough hikes in the Sierras last week. Knees not even sore but it has taken a lot of time to overcome the problem.
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I'm sure many of you folks have heard that a drug called Vioxx was recently recalled due to concerns over increased incidence of Heart Attacks and strokes in people taking it. Just to let you know, this drug is from the same "class" as Celebrex. They are called Cox2 inhibitors. Both Celebrex and Vioxx belong to this class of drugs. There are also two others. Now let me stress that there IS NO PROOF that Celebrex causes similar problems and the association with Vioxx is at this point tenuous, but was enough of a concern that the manufacturer pulled it from the markert. Am I saying that all cox2 inhibitors cause these problems--NO! Am I saying that Celebrex is not safe to take long term?--NO!
I am simply saying that a sig. concern has been raised about one of the cox2 drugs (Vioxx) and that, in light of this new information, you may want to discuss the chronic use of other Cox2 inhibitors (like Celebrex, Bextra or Mobic) with your Doctor.
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I've taken both Vioxx and Celebrex at one point. They were sorta effective, but I didn't want to be locked into using a drug to feel somewhat normal (they just took the edge off anyway, and not all the pain).

I don't take anything now, and suck up the pain. I'm not doing well with that either, as I moan about it daily (poor Jeff). Perhaps complaining is better than having a heart attack?
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Originally Posted by Bonni
, as I moan about it daily (poor Jeff).
Hummm... I am sooo tempeted!!!!!!! But I will be a good girls since I have been gone so lone!!

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I'm updating the question I asked a few months ago about FluidJoint. I went ahead and tried it, and that stuff ROCKS! (as my son would say)

I could tell a difference within a week of taking 2 tablets each in am and pm. I ceased any leg exercises during that time so I could tell whether it was actually the supplement doing the trick or the therapy. I honestly haven't had the grinding pain since I started back in June or whenever it was.

I never took glucosamine long enough to tell if it worked or not, so I can't compare. But if you have joint pain, I HIGHLY recommend at least trying this stuff. I have read some of the literature online, and most of it looks positive. Some of it claims that the claims are unproven, which is probably true. But it worked for me.
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Is this a prescription drug? I've not heard of it. Where do you get it?
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No, it's a supplement. Milk protein/calcium supposedly. You can get it at Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. Or online.
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I'm on my way!
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FluidJoint... Hum.. sounds like something I could use also!
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