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Difference between B5 and XI

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I am looking for performance and ride characteristic feedback. Anyone ride both?
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Look thru the Gear General and Gear Review threads, those skies have been elaborated on very frequently during the last couple of weeks. It would be redundant to repeat here what has already been said, since I already asked the same questions and got a response.
Hope that helps you.
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Thanks, I saw a lot of info but I didn't see much of anything that actually described the differences between the two. No worries, I will ski them myself!
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B5 is stiffer. M11 felt very soft in middle of ski
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Thanks for the feedback. I appreciatae it. I knew there had to be some kind of difference between them. I wasn't sure if the Xi was just a little softer but it sounds like it may be considerably softer, I will definitely test it, but it soudns like I'm sticking with Volkl's or Fischer's.
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The new Atomic's are radically different skis from what has been available.

Both the B5 & M11 have the same dimensions. But the construction & flex is dramatically different. I skied them both (172cm)in less than ideal conditions, so to be fair I will try them again next winter, but may stick with my 180cm R11's.

I personally favored the B5 Mmetron. I skied them both in very, very heavy Cascade concrete in poor visibility. I preferred the B5. The M11 felt as though I had to stay very centered on the ski. The B5 seemed to provide a more stable platform and performed better on the groomed slopes, but is more demanding. With that said I have been skiing for 41 years, and get about 80 days a season in. (both my boys are seruious racers) and ski the following skis. 180 R11, 180 SX11 Supercross, 164cm SL11 and 173cm Sugar Daddy. Hope this helps. Demo both & see what you think!

Over & out!

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Thanks, I only ski 20-25 days and rent when I ski out west 2 trips a year. I will definitely give them a spin. Since K-2 bought Volkl, I'm not thrilled. K-2 outsourced their jobs to China and I try avoid companies that have done this. Although Atomics are grat skis, ech one has its own characteristics as you know and I usually prefer the liveliness and feel of the Volkls. For instance, I thought he SX11 was a great ski for long turns but it seemed sluggish and reluctant in short turns and just not as quick as the 6*'s. I'm sure others woud totally disagree, but hey, that's why they make 31 flavors!
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In regard to the SX11, it skis vey long. the longest length is a 180cm. If skied in the correct length it is very versatile. Although the R11 is a much more versatile ski.

I skied Volkl for 25 years and both my boys used to race on them. I have found them to be less lively than Atomic recently. Alos we had enourmous durability problems a few years back. With that said I have heard the 6 star is a fabulous ski.
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Ron, make sure you try the new Atomic's in the right length. My buddy is one of the top Atomic sales people at the retail level. He is 220lbs 5'9" and skis his B5's in 162. I'm 5'11" 195lbs and had fun on the B5 in 162, tried the 172 and felt it was a slug.

Same with most of the new skis, you need to ski them shorter then you think.
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Thanks, I am a big proponent of shorter is better. I am 6', 180 and I like 168's in Volkl 5's and 6's. When I demo the Atomics, I will go to the 162. I really like the new shape and sidecut of the B5 and the XI so I am really hopeful that I like them. I used to have the 9:18's and they were a fun ski, I ski on G3's 177 now. A great ski but I want something with more sidecut. I do a lot of carving as I can't ski bumps and such because of a ruptured disk. As far as lenght goes, there are a lot of experts out there who ski big moutains but the majority of folks don't and ski more of the groomed than they want to admit. Maybe it's a A lot of these guys think they need long skis because of stability but I see an aweful lot of folks in the back seat or too neutral and they get knocked around and think it's the ski. I may be wrong but I have had a lot of lessons and this seems to be a pervasive problem.
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Call me a dinosaurus now, but I am still an advocate of longer skies as far as devoting very most time to backcountry skiing. I am 5'9", 170 lb, a more aggro skier (no racer, though) and would not like a bc ski below 180 cm, rather towards 190 cm. That's the reason why I ditched the idea of going for the Metrons as I had shortly ago in favor of a fat with at least 90 mm underfoot in addition to my 1080s, I am still in the decision process though.
That said, for the rare groomer skiing I will either keep my old 187 X-Screams or go for s.th. separate, but then in between 170 - 180 cm.
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Pow, nope your not a dinasaur, you're one of the folks who do ski big stuff and you do have a need for long fat skis.
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Woot! Got my M11's today. Haven't skied the M11's yet, but have demoed the B5 and M10's so I have a good idea of how they will be. I chose the M11 over the other 2 because the B5 felt a little too stiff and the M10's were too soft.

The M11 have softer flex than my R11's when I flex them side by side. They are also lighter compared to the B5 and R11. The neox binding looks a lot more solid than the old xentrix. It looks like you can adjust the binding to 2 different positions, though I haven't figured out how yet.

I was going to wait until the season starts so I could demo first, but hey, it's hard to pass up a deal. Now I definitely will have to trim the quiver this fall.
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Hey Congrats! Enjoy and have fun! Care to share where you got the great deal?
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