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My friend has Cancer

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Don't know if any of you know Jeff Sweet from Durango, but he is a great skier and instructor and he has just gotten some really bad news. This may not be the place to broadcast this, but I'm trying to let many people know that he needs some support and positive vibes sent his way. Jeff is also an incredible jazz pianist and songwriter, he needs to stay around for a while! Anyhow, if you know him and want to wish him well, e-mail him at jazzyjeff64@hotmail.com . Even if you don't know him, a cheerful note from a fellow skier would mean a lot to him. Thanks, Everyone.
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Question about Jeff.


Before I send a message to Jeff, I'm wondering something.

This Jeff Sweet wouldn't have lived in Jackson Hole in the 70's and 80's by any chance? That's the same name as the head guide at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort back when I was guiding. Even though he was ten years younger than me, he played the role of my backcountry and steep-skiing mentor. I've seldom seen anybody as at ease on skis in bad conditions as him.

He eventually moved from Jackson and I've completely lost touch with him.

I'll send a message to "your" Jeff anyway. I've got a longtime skiing friend who's going through the final stages of cancer, so I think I might know how you feel.


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Not sure about that

I have only known Jeff for about six years. He's 50 years old and one of the best skiers on our mountain. I know he moved out here from the Northeast sometime ago so it's possible he may have spent time in Jackson before he came to Durango.There can't be too many guys with that name that can ski like he does can there? I'll have to ask him. He has been diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and is planning a trip to Boston on the 9th to go to a clinic there.
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My prayers go out to your friend. It is amazing what the power of prayer will do. My husband was also diagnosed 1-1/2 years ago with cancer, had surgery and chemo/radiation and is a survivor. I'll email your friend but if he's like me I don't open email from someone I don't know. Anyway, Gods speed to your friend. Leisa
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