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Where to Demo K2 axis xp

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I'm planning my upcoming vacation for snowbird
in Jan. & would like to Demo a pair of K2 AXIS Xp's. Any Advice on a good shop where I might demo, & possibly purchase these? In Snowbird or Alta? I've also seen a lot of praise for the Dynastar Legend 8000. I'd Like to try these too.
This will be our first time out of Colorado, so I need a little help. Any other advice is surely welcome.
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I think (not that I really know anything) that you'll have a hard time finding any K2 Axis XPs to demo next January, as the model isn't going to be around next year. So far as I can tell, the new model that most closes replaces it is the "Apache Recon."

K2 seems to have gone even more loopily "new school" with their whole line next year. For example, the rather prosaically named "T Nine X" has been replaced with something called the "Burning Luv."
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Thats great, I decide to buy my first pair of ski's, put in hours of research, and get my bubble busted.
I guess I'll just have to go with an open mind & Demo Everything I can during my weeks stay.
I see 2 shops in Snowbird, any suggestions?
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Don't worry the Recon is very simular to the Recon. The Recon with the Piston IBC felt just like home, compared to my XPs with the World Cup Piston Plate under Marker 1200 Free. The Burning Luv is more like an XT than a T Nine X, the One Luv is the same ski without metal, and the True Luv is more ski than a Myste or Echo; a great value.
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Thanks for the help. I think I'll add a couple ski's to my list of "To Demo".
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People, it's the same ski.

Axis XP=Apache Recon. New name, same ski.

Kinda like the Bode One ;-)
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Xdog1's got it right. The Apache Recon skis just like the Axis XP. I demoed it in March and went from a 174 Recon to my 174 XP and couldn't detect any difference beyond the cosmetics.
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I may get plenty advice then from the ski shop I Demo from, but do you guys have any suggestions for bindings? again thanks for the input!
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I'm partial to Salomon bindings. I like the large toepiece. On that ski, I'd install a 912, or if you're a lighter skier, the 812.

Personally, I'm adopting the one-for-all approach. Tyrolia Railflex LD12, and the plates for it mounted on all my skis. The binding travels in my carry on, and the skis travel in the ski bag, all nicely bundled and padded in a compact package. Makes it easier to travel with multiple pairs of skis.
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