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WTB: Atomic SL9, Head iSL, Fischer RC, Omecarve 10

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Anyone got a line on any of these skis? Any recommedations of one over the others?

Thanks for your time.

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I pro rep for Fischer. The letters "RC4" appear on many of the skis. There is a WC RC that is a recreational slalom ski (112-66-97 I think).

I can only sell to pros at my own mountain, however, can find used skis and/or demos. I have sold to quite a few folks here.

Obviously I'm biased towards the Fischer product. I spend a lot of days on snow and wouldn't ski/sell a product I didn't like.
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Rusty Guy:

Thanks for your response. I would be interested in used or demos. You have the right ski, the RC4 SC. I am hoping to find a 165cm or thereabouts with Tyrolia bindings.

Let me know if you know where I can find some. I appreciate your help.

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Cupolo Sports has Omecarve 10s in various sizes on eBay with starting bids of $199. Besides bidding you might want to call Cupolo up directly & see if he'll swing a deal for you. Mention you're a member of this forum & he'll throw in the shipping for free.
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i have a 160 SL9 with 6.14 binding that have appx. 6-7 days on snow. i'll take 245.00 for them.
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I prefer the SL9 and Fischer World Cup SC out of the ones you listed. I've used the SL9 as my primary slalom ski for the last couple years, but I'm moving to the WC SC for next season. It's slightly stiffer, but nowhere near the Fischer Slalom, which is too much ski for me most of the time.

I picked up a pair of iSLs (non-chip, race stock) for really cheap, but didn't like the feel of them. Likewise, the Dynastar recreational slaloms didn't thrill me either. This is probably a side-effect of skiing on Atomics and Fischers for so long, but if it ain't broke...

The Elan SLX is another really fun ski, but it isn't always as easy to find as the Atomics and Fischers.

Right now Atomic slaloms are going for much less on eBay because of next year's binding change. Fischers have been holding fairly steady because they don't require a specific binding.
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Hi Logruve:

I am definitely interested. Let me know where to send payment. I can do Paypal or send a check, whatever you prefer.


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hey andy

on a little vacation will be home tomorrow and will make sure they're tuned and ready to go...mail you then.
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back in town sunday

my vacation was extended a bit... are you still interested in the SL9's?
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Still interested. Let me know when you get back in town. Do you know are these bindings easy to adjust to fit diff boots?


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Extremely easy to adjust for different boot sizes. I would still recommend having them tested for release, but it is very easy to adjust with a screwdriver. You may have to reposition them on the plate if you or the seller have small feet, but otherwise it's pretty simple.
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Thanks for the info Mike!
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hey again-
i'll set them up for your boot sole length and you can set the din. you can mail me at kimarkus@adelphia.net and we'll work out the details.
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