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Is there a date yet?
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I'd go, and maybe my husband too, depending on the date.....
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So, what's the date?
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Hold on guys, the organizers are working hard but are doing me a favor by not announcing anything yet (I actually don't know if any decisions have been made, but I still asked them to do this for me). The short delay is all my fault, not theirs. The info will be available soon. Please be patient. Thanks.
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No prob, AC! It's only July anyway
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It could be a problem for people who have to put in for time off 6 mo. in advance. (not me, but my friend that wants to go...she works weekends)
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This is true for me as well. I work periodic weekends and need to know well in advance if I need to change the rotation order. AC, even if details are not available yet, it would be very helpful to have a firm commitment on the date. Is this possible? It would really help.
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Please check your Private Message inbox.
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Private parties only, eh oboe?
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Not at all, Bonnster, not at all

Protocol, sister B. That's what it is.
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Dates and venue would be very helpful for me as well, in planning vacation dates. I think that last year's ETU was terrific due largely to participation by such great instructors, including those from Colorado. I hope we have some repeats for this year!
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TAMski, please contact me by Private Message or e-mail. My e-mail is bg@vtlink.net
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Originally Posted by RiDeC58
AC, even if details are not available yet, it would be very helpful to have a firm commitment on the date. Is this possible? It would really help.
My request to hold-off briefly on an announcement ended several weeks ago. Not sure what the hold up is, but I will ask around and see if we can get an update from one of the organizers.
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Thanks AC. I am still very anxious for the official anouncement.
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We're all waiting for the big announcment.
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Posted by vail snopro on Juy 30 2004

Posted by vail snopro (Ric Reiter) on July 30, 2004:

"But collectively, along with Epic, JamesDeluxe, and Oboe, we have also been trying to put the upcoming ETU event together. I know that many of you are interested in that event, and I promise that soon we will have some details for you.
"Unfortunately, Oboe has dropped out this past week, due to other obligations. We will miss him, in both the planning and the event itself!

"I ask you to please bear with us, as we are putting a great deal of our efforts into the ETU, and some new events which we have been interested in producing for some time!

Since I (oboe) am no longer involved in the ETU and will not be attending, please refer these questions to the current organizers.
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Current ETU organizers

So far as I know, the current organizers of ETU are Bob Barnes, Tom Burch, Ric Reiter (vail snopro), James Michaud (jamesdeluxe), and Erik Timmerman (epic). They are the people to whom questions about ETU should be directed.
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