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Need advice on new skis

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Hello. I recently got a screaming deal on a pair of K2 axis X 188's with Marker Ti 1200 bindings, but am now concerned they may be a bit long. I would rate myself an intermediate skier who made big improvements last season. Still uncomfortable in bumps and trees, but looking to improve. Tried deep pow this year and LOVED it. Skied the XP in 174's in Utah and liked them, but felt I could have gone a little longer. Picked the X because most of my time is spent in AZ where conditions are extremely variable over the season and a narrower ski seems more appropriate. I've found good deals on the same ski in 181's and 174's. I'm 6ft 220 lbs (hoping to lose 20 to 30lbs by next season ). Any adivce on ski length would be great, especially considering I want to do more off piste skiing.
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I think the 181cm would work best for you at your current weight and without question if you were 20-30 lbs. lighter. You're at a point that you're progressing, but still have a long way to go. The last thing you want is to be fighting with skis that are too long. I think that 188 cm is too long.
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Thanks for your reply. Started looking at axis series because I am in Salt Lake area periodically for work. Wanted something mainly for Arizona, but might do OK in deep Utah snow. Do you think 174's are too small? Can get a much better deal on them.
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If you drop the weight you may do ok with the 174 but it starts to get into personal preference and the type of skiing you plan to do. The 181 would be more versatile if you go off piste.
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Welcome to epicski.

A couple of thoughts come to mind. Length is more a matter of turn radius and the speed you like to ski. A longer ski is less turny and more stable at higher speeds. I'm sure I'll get a lot of disagreement, however, I am of the opinion flex is less a factor in skis these days so don't factor weight as heavily into the equation.

I think turn radius and width underfoot are two critical components. If you ski most of the time on piste or groomed stay under a 70 mm waist. If you ski a lot of deep snow ski something with a waist above 85 mm.

For short turns a radius under 17 meters. For big mountain skiing turn radius becomes less important.

I'm having a tough time deciding my "quiver" for next year. I work at a small hill by western standards and have never owned a big mountain "backside of the mountain ski".

The last weekend we were open we enjoyed bottomless powder and I borrowed a ski with a 90mm waist. It was fun.

My guess is I will ski a two of the following in some combination;

All Fischer of course

WC SC 160 cm,
RX8 170 cm,
RX9 180 cm,
Bigstix 8.6 180 cm

I'm 5'10", 185 lbs.

Just my $00.02
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Rusty, you want to have some real fun? Add a 210 super G to your quiver next year and take them out when the slopes are groomed and empty. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face (or a load in your pants). They provide a sensation kind of forgotten about these (the shorter the better) days.

Just tell the mountain patrol FastMan said it was OK!!
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I agree with Rick! The shorter the better these days...but only to a certain point! I'm 5'9", I've been skiing for well over 30 years and in that time have skied all lengths right up to a 205 (long for my height even by old standards)I am currently on 161 cm skis and loving it! I also have 2 pair of 177cm skis, but always opt for the shorter ones. Speed is not an issue on the shorter skis...I can zoom on them too(mayve even faster than the others I currently own). If I want to go slow, I can also do that...and on a ski that is not supposed to be able to go that slow.
Though I can also ski shorter skis, and have on many occasions,I really would look funny if my regular skis were 140cm or shorter. It is fun to take a pair of them out from time to time though(I work at a ski area and have access to "shortcuts")
Try to get the shorter ones...you'll enjoy it more!
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Let me know when I can get the Rusty Guy "special" on the 8.6.: A 180cm would just about round out my skiing needs.
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Wooly, I'm about your size, though I've been skiing for a lot longer. 188's are too long. I've been on mid-fats from 183 down to 170 in recent years. I thought the 170's would be too short. Wrong, they're fine. My feeling is that since you're an intermediate skiing bumps and trees - shorter is better.
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