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hi all,

I was about to do a tune up on my wife`s almost new crossmax 7`s (skied on three times). After doing some research on side bevel angle for salomon skis , i came to the conclusion that the side bevel angle set from the factory at 1 deg (side) and 1 deg. (base).
I used a black marker to mark the edge before using my side of beast edge sharpener.After making my first pass along the edge i noticed that the diamond stone only removed a part of the marked area closer to the base of the edge.
I took a close look at the contact point between the diamond stone in the sharpener (set with a one deg. plate)and the edge and it seems that the edge is set at more than one degree. I removed the 1 deg. plate and substituted it with a 2 deg . angle plate . Better,but still seemed that i needed a 3 or 4 deg. angle plate to make full contact with the edge.
i made sure that there was no extra plastic from the side of the ski obstructing the stone from making full contact with the edge.

Anyone know the proper angle for these crossmax skis? Is this a normal occurance with new skis?