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Here's an image of the top of Locke and White Cap at Sunday River --

It's easier to interpret if you print it out and turn it upside-down so it's oriented like the trail map.

Looks to me like there's are trail that consists of the top of Bim's Whim off Locke and where Bims makes a left, widens, and heads down, goes back up to the top of White Cap. I'm guesing that's the MTB trail that open in the summer.

Can't imagine it's very steep as you can MTB up it. Thought it might be fun to do it sometime just for yucks and has. Scope it out coming down Bims to make sure the out let is indeed there and then hit it on the way back from WC to Locke a few runs later.

Anyone every skied off the back of WC and down to the corner of Bim's who can confirm it's doable?