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Which one?

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Hello all.
I posted this on Snowheads as well, and got nice inputs, but in the interest of discussion, I'll post it here as well
In here http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=5580
I was "thinking out loud" about mid fats.
Now, rummaging around in my favourites ski shops I've found:
-Head Monsters im 75 railfles 170 cm with bindings at 539 € (but this is
open for discussion)
-Salomon Xscream pilot 10 hot in 185
-Salomon Xscream pilot 10 extra hot in 175
Both at 430-440 € w/ bindings
-Rossi B2 176 cm at 500 € w/ bindings

Now the big question, assuming you had the money, which one would you choose?
I know that demo b4 buy should be a must...but the time for demoing is long gone this season.
P.S. I'm 175 cm tall (short) 72-75 kg heavy, ok skier who has spent 97% of the past years on lift served areas groomed runs.
Still, if conditions are good, I do not dodge the "call of the wild" for a
nice off-piste time....provided I don't haveto skin my way there, let's say that as long as I can reach a peak with a lift, I'm ok.
I skied most of my skiing life on GS skis in different lenghts, my current skis are 198 cm long. And off piste with these I tire pretty quick...
Ta for any input, Matt.
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This is an easy one, Xtra Hots, 175.
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Heck Matteo

If you're going to choose a ski from a list, at least get some good skis on the list to choose from. Add the Fischer BigStix and the Dynastar's Legend line to the list along with maybe the K2 XP, and then you have a list of great mid fats to choose from.
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Hello Coach13, the "problem" with the list is that I've listed what I actually have found available around in the two/three stores I usually buy from...
If I'd have to list wishes, I'd certainly add the ZAG (http://www.zagski.com)...
Haven't seen Dynastar LEgend or Fischer BigStix here.
And I like the K2 (but I'm a bit...personally I haven't accepted well the move of the production lines outside of the USA). BTW I haven't seen K2 skis in shops here lately, especially mid fats (I saw one guy on XPs this spring, but that was all), probably I have to look better or to go to ski in the right places...
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I understand, it's hard to buy what you don't see offered in your area. As to the skis, I favor the Legend over the XP but I have to say that obviously alot of skiers like that ski. When I was at Vail this year, it seemed like every other patroller or mountain host, and about 10% of the general public I saw were on the XP.
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