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Atomic C:9 vs. R:9

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Hi all,

I demoed a pair of 03/04 C:9 (170s) at Cannon last week and loved them. Increadible edge grip, lots of spring coming out of turns, good stability at speed, etc.

However, they're very thin (~64mm) and I"m looking for a wider ski, so I was thinking of the R:9. Does anybody have any experience on how the R:9 compares to the C:9?? I've skied wider skis, so I'm ok with the wider base and the extra effort going grom edge to edge. But I'm really interested if the R:9's edge grip and rebound are similar.

I also demoed a pair of Volkl 724 AX3 (same as this year's Vertigo Motion). Very nice and smooth. But not the grip and spring of the Atomics.

I'm 5'9", 160lbs, 35 year old. Advanced/intermediate. Spend most of my time on single diamond trails with groomed/packed conditions. I'm looking to improve my powder and crud skills.

Thanks for any comments.

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If you like That Atomic feel Then I would take a look at The R10:20 or The R11:20. Both have great edge hold and a ton of energy. The R10 has a littel more flex then the R11 But still Has a lot of guts. The R11 is stiffer and more demanding. Go shorter with the R11. The shorter ski will be better for Moguls while not giving up much if anything in the way of stability. Out of all the skis I have demoed in the last couple of seasons the R11 is still my favorite ride. If I was to have just one ski then That ski would be it.
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Thanks Utah.

I'm wondering why you suggest the R:11 or R:10 over the R:9. I think I saw in one of your other posts that you had all of them. Was there something in my description that makes you think they would be better?

The reason I'm leaning towards the R:9 is mostly cost. It seems like from lots of comments that its got most of the good characteristics of the 10 and 11, but a bit less expensive.

I have also heard that the R:10 is a bit softer than the R:9 and that concerns me a bit. I tried the R:8's and they were way, way, way too soft for me. Thought maybe the 9's would be best.

I'm hoping to try them all out, but if I can narrow down my demo time, I'd like to.

Thanks again.
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yes i have owned and skied all Of the Atomic ride skis except the R8 That is just a vary low end ski made to be discounted by Bigbox retailors.First the 10:20 now The R10 is not a soft ski by any means. For years this was Atomics flagship ski. It was replaced as Atomics Top all around ski by The 11:20 now called The R11 about 2 years ago. The R9:22 now called the R9 is fine ski. It's better suited for off piste skiing. It's got guts and it has a good grip but just not the same ski as the R10 or R11. IMHO Those two are in a category by themselves. With either of those two skis,if you are at all aggressive you will looking for new challenges on the Mountain. You will be looking for difficult terrain Bumps,Crude, Trees and Yes Double Black Steeps. The 10:20 and 11:20 won't hold you back. I'm not a vary Brand loyal skier I own and ski K2's Volants and Atomics. This is just My opinion I think you should give them a demo then report back and let us know what you think.
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