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Epicski Email  

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The service is active and online.

If you were a user of Epicski.com email, and can no longer access, Please send me a note (pm or email dchan@pctime.com)

The information I need is username,

A way to contact you with status. (alt email or PM)

Did you purchase extra service with everyone.net and if so, What extra services?

I'll need to create an account on our local server. This will be web based email for now. There are some spam blockers, word filters and antivirus scanning installed on this service. Relaying is not allowed and any spamming done from this server will result in immediate removal of accounts and access for the offender.
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Accessing Past EpicSki E-Mails

You can access your past EpicSki e-mails here:

No new e-mails will come to this address, we are setting up a new e-mail service that will be much nicer without banner ads. We'll announce the new system here in the Community Announcement forum.

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So far I have not received a great deal of response for epicski email service.
I have input account info for those people that have responded to this thread.

To access new emails, go to

Oh yes. You will get a certificate warning, Answer Yes to continue.

Enter your username in the following format: username@epicski.com

Yes you need the @epicski.com
and your password. If your old password does not work try your username (without the "@epicski.com") as the password and if that works go to the settings page and click on account settings,
Then change your password.
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Attention Epicski Email Users

I Guess I was not clear enough.
If you did not contact me to tell me you were an epicski email user before the crash, you will not be able to access the new server. Since this is a new service, the previous accounts were not just "transfered" but each account needs to be re-established. This is why we asked in advance before the crash who was using the service and why this thread still exists.

Please follow the instructions above to get email service re-established.

You need to give some alternate way for me to respond to you. giving an email address with epicski.com makes it hard for me to send you a confirmation if you don't have access.:

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