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A few pics from the season

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Dick's Ditch looks like a bitch!

Nice pictures......but where's the post shot of milesb at Hangman's drop?
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Hey thanks for sharing, although I look a bit pregnant in that picture. Yikes!

Glad your back to Ryan, I was having a hard time with catblksplat, whatever it was.
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oh, you're hot.
now shhhhhh about looking pregnant.

there is video of miles in hangman's. now where did i put that...

all i'll say about that ditch is that when i was in there, i was a mere pinball.
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The Ditch looks familiar. Where is that off of?

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Yo, B(dot)Peters'll have to handle that'n.
Hope your summer's off to a good start, Eduardo.

heh. found this: http://www.jacksonhole.com/ride/ddbs/

Gotta add that the best skiing I saw at JH was that done by a few guys (looked like 20-somethings) who came in outta the trees, dropped into the "trail" and began just ripping and skipping through there. I was absolutely humbled, as well as thankful to have seen what highly skilled skiers can do to terrain that had me swearing and bouncing off the walls.
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Found it. It is basically lower Cascade off the Gondola. It is below Thunder Chair skiers left. We skied it a couple of times when we bailed at the end of day.

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Now playing: ryan as the Pinball Wizard :)

I noticed that there were not many skiers in that Dick's Ditch race video. It looked like a boarders course more than a skiers course; however, the skiers had better times.

Interesting...thanks, ryan.
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Thanks Ryan, nice pictures, btw Dick's Ditch looks vevy vevy...inviting!!!
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