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EpicSki Advertising Test for Schuss

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Dear EpicSki Users

I'm a keen British skier and instructor who last year launched a board game for skiers and boarders to enjoy during apres-ski occasions or waiting for the white stuff to arrive. Schuss the board game is a mix between trivia questions and amusing dares in a format designed to replicate skiing down a mountain.

I launched Schuss at the London ski show and it got a great reaction from skiers and boarders at the show. We demoed it in 200 chalets across the Alps and had some very positive feedback from people who had tried it. But our sales were low as introducing new products with small budgets is real tough!

This year we're trying to drive more awareness by producing advertising across various media. As we have a small marketing budget, we rely on positive word of mouth and need to make sure the ad is hitting the right note.

I'd really appreciate if you guys could have a look at the website at www.schuss.co.uk and my attached press ad copy. Does the advert copy sound motivating to you?

All comments positive or negative greatly appreciated, as I know you guys know your stuff.

Best wishes

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It sounds fun, but $54 is way too much in the US. Also, I'm wondering if you plan to put out more card packs in time. And a sales suggestion: eBay.
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The concept sounds like a skiing-specific variation of Trivial Pursuit. Might be fun, if you can get the right people interested in purchasing it.

You said you got a good reaction at a ski show. You said you got good reaction at a test of 200 chalets. However you said sales has been slow. You didn't tell us, what precisely is your business plan? Business failures are, more often than not, failures in business plan despite a superior product.

I think a more defined business strategy is required if this product will succeed. Possibly this game might be a gift idea, especially for Christmas, for winter birthdays, and perhaps as souvenir momentos from ski holidays. Perhaps you need to emphasise marketing it to ski town gift shops instead of directly to skiers. For example, I would likely not purchase this game from my home shopping centre. However, I much more likely to splurge and purchase this game on a whim while vacationing at a ski resort.

You need to develop multiple card packs, with questions tailored to specific ski resorts. (Imagine, what a novel souvenir to have, after visiting ... say... Whistler/BC for a week, to bring home a trivial pursuit type game with questions dealing with specifics of the Whistler/BC and the local area?

With that said, the sample Schuss Questions on your web site are mostly boring. I mean... How many ski areas in Scotland? 5 (who cares!) And ... what are the back end of skis called? tail (duh!). And what attaches skis to boots? bindings (double DUH!)

My personal reaction: I liked the concept of the game. However, after reading the sample questions, I am much less interested in the game. You need to come up with much more interesting questions. I do like one in your sample: the one regarding a James Bond flick.
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Cheers Joe

Thanks for the comments Joe - very interesting.

Excellent idea on the tailoring questions to resorts to make apt souvenirs.

We are working on revised question packs on different subjects - US, new school, adult version of wipe-outs and as you say the concept is robust enough to create card packs on topical or special interest subjects.

Pricing in the US is an issue as it costs £12 to send every game to addresses in the US - we need a US distributer!

Since it launched in the UK, currently the questions are skewed to 2/3 European and 1/3 US - which also happens to be the ski destination ratio for UK skiers.

Some questions are very easy for people who ski a lot - but that was deliberate, so that beginners could race experienced skiers down the hill. Blue questions are easy - but the trail is longer - black run questions are hard - but a much more direct route.

Here are a few black run questions for you:

Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank in which North American ski resort in 1899?
What is known as the vertical mile in the rockies?
Who invented the first metal ski?
If you were looking at the "Craps" in Flims, Switzerland, what would you be looking at?

Thanks again for critique.

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