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Atomic Beta Ride 9.50 - What others??

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I had a few minutes the other day, and tried on an Atomic Beta Ride 9.50, as well as a Technica Icon (sorry, forget which model).

The Atomic was a great fit, out of the box. The Technica had two miserable pressure points, one on each side of the top of my foot. Probably why I don't remember the model. It was at an equivalent point in their line to the Beta Ride 9.50, so I was told.

Anyone have any recommendations as to what other boots I may want to try, based on the fact that the Atomic felt so good. I am told I have a high arch, along with a wide forefoot and a narrow heel.

I'm probably the textbook terminal intermediate, but a big lad at about 220 to 230 skiing weight. Like mostly groomers, knees are too far gone for bumps, try to get a bit of powder when I can. I ski fast, big looping turns, learned from the wife and father in law, GS experts both.

I don't mind paying a good price, as I will likely keep them a fair long time.

Sorry Phil, I tried on the new Flexon Comps, but they were way too narrow in the front. (I am replacing a great OLD pair of Flexon Comps.)

Thanks for any help you can provide. I appreciate it. See some of you in Fernie.
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I just purchased the Technica ICON XR on Friday. I also tried the Atomic 9.5. I have a foot with a narrow heel, high arch and wide forefoot and the Technica's were a perfect fit out of the box. I was fitted with new custom footbeds (MasterFit $100 w/boot purchase) and I believe it helped me fit the boot better. My foot doesn't widen out or lengthen out when I fully weight the foot now. Also, I dropped down a full shell size for a tighter fit from my previous Salomons.

I think it is most important to find a boot that fits your general foot type and virtually ignore brand since all the top manufactures make great boots. I liked the Atomic styling more but in the end the Technica just fit better. I believe foot beds are a must and I am finding that virtually all of my friends, particularly those in my 40 yo age group have them now or will get them this year.

I have skied for 30 years and ski everything but cliffs. Although I must admit that after two knee operations, ACL replacement and partial medial menisectomy, I have slowed down the hard bump skiing.

Now is the time for boot fitting. The shops are just getting their inventory in and they have time to work with you since the crowds haven't shown up yet.
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Jimmy, The Technica (assuming that it was likely the XR model,) is wider than the Atomic. If the Atomic fit you better, take a look also at the Salomon Course or Pro models. If you liked the Technica, try the Salomon X-Wave series. Make sure to allow enough time when you are trying the boots on and look for a tight fit, particularly around the heel and ankle (but not so tight that it hurts).

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