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Snowmass - which airport? accommodation?

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My husband and I have decided to go to Snowmass for a week or two next season. We are travelling from Australia, so don't know anyone who has been there but have read reviews, which say it should suit us - wide tree-lined runs, some beginner but mostly intermediate, has ski-in/ski-out accommodation.

Some reviews say it can be a pain to fly into Aspen airport, and recommend flying into Eagle instead. Any comments?

The cheapest way to go seems to be with a package deal from Australia. The only 1 bedroom apartment choice in the packages seems to be at Lichenhearth. Can anyone tell us anything about this place?

Anyone like to comment on Aspen/Snomass in general.
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question on aspen/snowmass


I'll give you just my personal experiences going to aspen. This was the third year in a row that our group skied aspen/snowmass. We stayed on the hill at snowmass village where most of the condos/hotel are true ski-in,ski-out. The mountain is a mecca for intermediates looking for groomed runs and runs that will help you to step up a notch or two. If any experts are in your crowd, try aspen highlands just down the road.

As for flying in to aspen, I have never had any problems coming in or leaving.
However this past year a 12 inch storm did shut the airport down for 1 1/2 days. We were lucky it didn't fall during our travel times. I see nothing wrong with an extra day in the mountains!

Many of our group of south La. skiers have been going out west for 25 years plus. We have skied almost all of New Mexico and quite a few in Co. (all in summit county). Everyone in our group (30) agrees that aspen/snowmass is the best ski area that we have gone to. We are already planning to go back to aspen for next year and will be adding quite a few more skiers.

In short, you will have a truely have a great ski vacation in aspen. I will also mention that if you fly into aspen's airport, you have no need to rent a car. Their transit system really works well. Most condos will have transportation to and from the airport and any needs you might have as in grocery shopping, etc.

p.s. the apres ski can't be beat! Ski school is A+. Did I mention that the skiing is A+ also.
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Aspen Airport

I alway fly into Aspen Airport ( ASE), Eagle/Vail is two hours away and the shuttles are a hassel. There is a direct from LAX that you should be able to connect with fairly easily. If not, going through Denver is not that bad.

You will love Snowmass for skiing, but there is not much night life. If you don't have kids and don't require ski in/out. I would recommend staying in Aspen and taking the free shuttle to Snowmass.
Aspen is full of fun thing to do at night and there is very good skiing in Aspen, Highlands and Buttermilk.
People that stay in Snowmass tend to just stay there.

Lichenhearths are small studios, there may be two one bedrooms units, but they would be small too. The location for ski in/out is pretty good, towards the bottom of fanny hill. But its a big hike up to the village after the lifts close.

When do you plan on going? I am sure you will have a great time.
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We're not sure when we'll go. What's the best time for least crowds, sunny weather but good snow?

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We have always had great ski conditions during the month of March. Try and stay away from President's weekend. Because we have an extended holiday for Mardi Gras , we always try to book around that time period. Every year Mardi Gras falls at a different date, anywhere from Feb 13th to March 15th, most of the time this falls in a regular season pricing. You get some very strong storms through Co. at this time of year. In a weeks' vacation time we usually have 4 days of sun with maybe two days of snow. Temps are very comfortable at this time also. In six days this past season we needed our outer jackets just two days, the other four we wore pull-over fleece and a tee shirt! With the four mountains in the area, I never found that it was overcrowded. The longest lift lines you will find in snowmass, with about a 2min. wait tops. Once you get to mid mountain and the top, lift lines are non-existant!
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February - March is good. As ragin said, there is really hardly ever any lines.
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Good advice above, Lorelle. Although you would find equally good terrain at many other Colorado resorts, you can't go wrong in the Aspen area. Snowmass has lots of intermediate groomed terrain, and as posted above, Aspen Highlands has some of the best expert terrain around (both snow-depending, of course). But don't think that the advanced skiers with you will have to leave Snowmass, either. It has some excellent steeps that will challenge just about anyone.

The Aspen airport handles jet traffic easily. I can think of very little reason to fly to Eagle-Vail, and a lot of reasons not to (it isn't very close). Bad luck weatherwise could shut down either of them, but that's just the way travel is in the mountains. With any luck, you'll be snowed IN, rather than snowed OUT!

Be sure to look up Wigs (Steve Wiggins), one of the long-time pros of the Snowmass Ski School, and a regular poster here at EpicSki. And say hi to Weems as well. You probably won't have the opportunity to ski with Weems, but if you do, jump on it!

Have fun!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Addendum--you asked about best times. Skiing in the Aspen area CAN be great any time from mid-December through March. It is lower than many Colorado areas, so its season tends to start a little later and end a litter earlier than, say, Summit County (Arapahoe, Breckenridge, Copper, Keystone), but by the end of December your chances are very good. Weather is notoriously uncooperative and unpredictable in the Colorado mountains, but for what it's worth, March is statistically the snowiest month of the year, followed by February and April. Late December through early February will see smaller crowds (except for the holidays), and can be a great time. But days are short, and nights and days can be cold in January! March is probably the best month to ski in Colorado, but then, of course, everyone knows that, so it can get crowded, and you'll pay the highest prices of the season for just about everything. Aspen areas rarely get swamped by crowds, though, so if March works, it's a good time.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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