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How much lift on mid fats?

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I am getting a new set of mid fats (77-80mm waist) in the next few weeks and was wondering how much lift you think I should get for them. I will spend about 1/3 of the time on groomers, and 2/3 of the time off piste in crud and heavy powder (no moguls).

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Booting out won't be an issue if they are wide enough, generally skiers on fat skis that I have seen have not had any additional lift plates fitted. (but if you're talking mid-fats, you may want to put a small riser on them)
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Moderate risers tend to make skis feel a bit less side-to-side stable, but in exchange, they reduce the ammt of edging force you need to exert, and slightly increase the distance your knees must move sideways. Since you said that you spend 2/3rds of your time in crud, anything to increase stability probably is a good idea, so I would go with no riser.

Personally, I use no riser (other than the natural binding height) on my crud skis (10ex's, Explosivs), but do on my carving skis. I would rather have to work a bit harder to get an edge if I am on a fattie and encounter hardpack, than have my fatties feel unstable when I get into chop/crud. After all, that is the primary reason I use them. Float, per se, isn't the real issue - stability is. You can ski just about any ski in untracked, virgin soft/deep snow.

Tom / PM

PS (in edit) - Just for the record, there is one knowledgable guy on Epic who (as I recall) lives up in the Banff area and recommends risers even on fatties. He seems to be a minority of one, but perhaps he has the luxury of not seeing as much heavy wet, heavily tracked up slop as I always seem to run into.
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I like the lift that comes standard on most bindings of 15-25 mm on my skis that wide. The Salomon 810/912/914 bindings all are in that range. The Look/Rossignol lifter and MaxPlate/T-Plate bindings are also in that range but their freeride bindings are a little lower.
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I'm with PM and Rio, just depend upon the stardard lift that accompany most bindings. Anything more is sure to affect the stability of the skis on less than perfect snow.

BTW Rio, how do I sign up for one of those Big Sky tours?
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Coach13 -

Maybe I should say Bridger Bowl & Big Sky tours. If you're in the area let me know & I'll meet you at either if I can make it. Chances are always higher I can make it to Bridger but with everyone showing up for the ESA in January I'll be at Big Sky before & after to meet some more Bears.
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