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Binding maintenance

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I got on my mtn bike for a quick spin up city creek canyon right before our last storm & put a squirt of white lightning on each of my pedals as I have found this occasional lube makes the in/out of my cleats easier & more smooth. My qustion is why do we never need to do this with our ski bindings?? True no mud, but constantly wet.
any one?!?

dance for snow
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I don't know about you but I do lube my bindings and release all the tension at the end of each season. Write down the din setting before you do this and count the number of turns backed out and mark them on a piece of paper and attach them to your skis so you remember to retighten them next season. then before the next season. Also put a nice coat of wax on them and make sure you cover the whole edge, sides included. Don't scrape or polish the bases and this will keep them nice and clean for the next year.
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As per manufacturers recomendations do not lubricate most bindings.
But as per most recomendations there are a few exemptions.
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I do ease of the springs in the summer. usually bring the DIN back to a bit lower in the fall early season & adjust up as I need to.
but never had lubed before

Spyder does your cryptic remark apply to Marker?
all my bindings are marker race
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Most definitly, marker was the main example used at the clinics the cert clinics this yr. We only lube the bindings if they do not release properly, other then that you can do damage to the binding if not done properly. any excess lubricant on the AFD or wings will cause for a unreliable release. Also with the markers they can collect dirt and have premature wear if lubricated in the wrong areas.

Over all not recomended but if you want to know where to lube and how to do it, tell me what bindings you have and I will consult the tech manual.
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Spyder thanks for your educated answer.
I do not need anymore specific info as it was more of a hmmm question while I was on my bike.
I have absolutely no problems with either set of my marker bindings. I do not pre-release, as many complain Markers do, and the ski comes off when it should, even @ 10 & 1/2.
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Thanks for the reality check. I haven't looked at current recommendations from the binding MFG. It's a habit from way back before "din" when I learned to maintain most of my own equipment. We were taught to clean and lube specific parts of the bindings to remove dirt that was collecting stuff like that. I don't get lube all over the place and I don't lube every moving part, Only areas that I was taught to do. (like you mentioned only in case of poor releases and I do have access to a release checking tool, also unusual)

Follow Spyder's advice, read the MFG instructions and if you are unsure, take them to the shop for maintainence unless you have the training and equipment...

I stand "corrected"
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When I talked to the company, they told me that my Marker bindings do NOT need to be adjusted in the off season. Anyone who deals with Marker know differently?
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Taking the din's down during the off season can't hurt and may prolong the life of the springs, also release the heel, set it like it looks when your boot is in it.
These suggestions are pretty relevant as far as I know, i have been doing it for yrs and it hasen't hurt.
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As to lubrication of bindings I use Markers which have a sliding AFD. I make sure the AFD is free of dirt and works well. Occasional I might lube only the AFD if it seems less than smooth in operation. Flushing your bindings with water, before a final summer storage wax, is a good idea. Choice of lubricant is silicone spray if the AFD needs it, and I do this berore I flush the bindings.

Most of the other advice in the posts on this thread, are things that I also do.
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You do not need to lube bindings for the off season. You do not need to turn down the DIN setting since the springs only come under significant compression during release.
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