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Going to Dirt Camp!

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Anyone heard of Dirt Camp? http://www.dirtcamp.com I am going to do a 2 day clinic in June at Breck. I am very excited! Maybe they will be able to teach me tight turns. Maybe.
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Let us know how it is. I'm thinking of trying it here in the east, either for a weekend or one of the one-day clinics.
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Crank, I will let you know.
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good luck, Kima!

should be fun... who are the coaches?
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Thanks Gonz, I think it will be fun. Have no idea of the coaches Spoke to a "JJ" when I signed up. I know that Annie Black of Keystone coaches at some but I think her groups are to advanced for me.
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That sounds awesome, Kima! Have a great time.
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Thanks Sue, I think I will!
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Kima - dirt camp, sounds like a mighty fun idea to me !! good luck mate ! let us know how its goes. if all else fails just hang on and remember its all in the balance...


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Attended Dirt Camp this past weekend. Coaches were Akira Yasuda and David Nash.

There were 6 of us, all women as it turned out. The other 5 women all ride together and are good friends. A very cool group and that made me feel included. Morning day one was drills in a grassy area. First thing we did was learn to fall. Nice to get that out of the way. I was the least skilled of the group and frankly had a tough time of it. Drills in the morn, single track in the afternoon. Could not complete a hairpin turn to save my life, fell allot. I was pretty discourage. At the end of the day I apologized to the group for holding them back but no one else felt it was a problem.

Day 2 again the morning was drills. Afternoon was single-track at Keystone. I felt much better. I managed to do hairpin turn after hairpin turn. A BIG deal for me. I do have a problem remembering what foot goes down for what direction. Help me here please.

All in all a great experience. I will practice the drills. I know that my skills will continue to improve.
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