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The Gathering Committee

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Hi all,

I hope that all of you in the Northern Hemisphere had a great ski season and those still hiking for turns continue to find the goods. However, the Gathering Committee currently comprised of Me (Powdigger), Altaskier, Gonzostrike, and Ryan will start to look toward making plans for Gathering V/ Kicking Horse, BC.

Unfortunately, because commitments this year I will be unable to act as you honorary chairman. So I will be stepping aside this year and handing the reigns over to someone else. There is also another member of the committee that will be too busy to participate this year. Therefore, two vacancies exist on the planning committee.

This coming year’s Gathering, the Fifth Anniversary, will be in Kicking Horse, BC. On-line discussion on the date of the Gathering must be moderated and completed and the planning must take place. Therefore, the committee is taking applications and BC natives are encouraged to apply. Please contact Me, AC, Gonzo and/or Ryan if you are interested in serving the Epicski community.

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Kicking Horse

Yo Bears,

Kicking Horse has some great MTB action in the summer, and I'll be heading up there this summer to see what's what. Whatever ski-related info I can get, I'll report back here.
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Thanks Powdigger for the note. We will miss your leadership, you have done a fantastic job for several years. But we certainly understand!

To others interested in playing a role, please let us know if you questions about this very prestigious position.
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Just a note.

Check the December 2003 POWDERmag for a feature on Golden, BC, including a few KH notes.

and this, for now: http://www.goldenbritishcolumbia.com/

and the lodging mentioned in the powder article: http://www.marysmotel.com/

there was a picture of a Best Western, as well.

last i recall, late-ish february was seemingly appealing?
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I was impressed with the cuisine at Sisters and Beans, back when it was still a mud logging road to KH:
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Golden is a great place but I would not reccomend staying at Mary's Motel. I stayed there in 2000 and found it to be less than what I would call acceptable for a multi-night stay. The room I stayed in looked just like the picture shown except that the ceiling light fixture was a much older model. ....Maybe they have put a little 'spit shine' on the place.

It was really inexpensive back then.

Most of the activity back then was over on the Canada 1 Highway where the Prestige Hotel is located. There wasn't that much difference in pricing at the time, and I remember wishing I had opted to stay over in the newer facilities on the Highway.

The Gathering at Kicking Horse has an awesome level of potential for numerous outdoor activities!
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Gentlemen and ladies , I am going to be in Golden almost weekly between now and the end of Oct. I will get some info together and post it if wanted , there are alot of good places to stay but they must be booked . The hotel/motel scene will be okay for a while yet but if anybody has thoughts of getting into some of the lodges they better look into it soon .
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Anyone with serious intent on showing up wanna start with suggested dates?



How about, say, the third of June. Some sleepy, even dusty, delta day?
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We were talking about the end of February, early March, right?
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start of Feb - I'll make a detour on the way after the Academy.
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I believe there was a general agreement that later in february, toward (if not including) march, was the preferred time frame.
(i'm not that picky. but it'd be nice to commit some frequent flier award miles pretty soon here.)
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I like the first weekend of March.
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Early March would probably have better snow and fewer people: no major holidays then.
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Throwing it out there--

March 3-6, 2005.

The last weekend in February would be Feb. 24-27.

In each case, that is a Thursday to a Sunday.
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March 3-6. (The 7th is a Sunday, btw, for those who'd ski another day.)
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Works for me.
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i smell a consensus brewing.
speak yer piece or hold it...
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The Gathering is picking up steam. March 3-6 good for PowDigger and Associates.

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Originally Posted by mike_m
Early March would probably have better snow and fewer people: no major holidays then.
...except for Spring Break. It's a significant time period for the ski industry.
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I welcome the Spring Break since it will give me more chances of attending. The dates look good to me. I hope it will be enough pow to go around.
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With a job change and a major relocation coming, I cannot commit to anything at this moment. I hope to make it and will work it in as best that I can. Other than that, any dates since all is unknown to me at this point are just fine.

Did that help or what!?
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Originally Posted by AltaSkier
With a job change and a major relocation coming, I cannot commit to anything at this moment.
Huh? Are you leaving Utah?
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Those sound like fun dates to me as well. Mrs. Peters and I will tyr like the dickens to attend.

I've got a good friend (former JH skier) who lives there now. We could hook up with him to see the mountain. He's an outstanding skier.



Your handle just wouldn't be the same if you lived in, say, Fort Worth. What's going on?
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This would be an awesome trip! Too bad I can't make it. My husband and I will be at Kicking Horse in the end of January, though. We're also spending four days snowcat skiing at Chatter Creek. Guess when I get back I can tell you what's in store for you...get you drooling and everything!
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Jane here - well Jane was my old log in. Powdigger, WTFH, Pinhed - yes its me, that aussie girl who used to live in SF ! decided it was time to get back on board, anyway lost my sign in name a while back, so here I am again. CJ73 - CJ being one of my nicknames ( Calamity Jane ) hmm I guess I have a knack of finding trble ! :

anyway starting new job in Sept, just after a ski trip to NZ. will mean I actually can take holidays in Feb !!! woo hoooo !! so I'll stay tuned and see where you guys end up and when. I was practicing my pathetic bump skiing in on the weekend and actually recall some pointers from Pinhed at Copper mtn some yrs ago. and it worked ! yaaa ! thanks !

Hope your all well !

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Hey Jane, great to see you again! If you ask DC nicely, he could change your name for you!
Any word of you coming to the UK again?
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hey there foxy, yep, hopefuly in new job will do some travel to Uk, Europe and America disguised as work trips but really planned around ski seasons ...shhh don't tell
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Not to go against the consensus building but how about Presidents Weekend time? It's a time people get some holiday time and while US resorts are very busy and crowded over that time I doubt it's true for Kicking Horse.

My personal reason is that I may be on a back country (heli-in lodge - skin while there) trip from Golden around that time. (Bob Peters, as soon as I have info on this I'm going to contact you to see if you're interested. This is the same group that did "Fairy Cabin" last year).
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not much of a chorus toward moving away from those early march dates. (and interest in when to do this is well below last year's interest in where to do it.)

as for prez weekend, Si, true that KH might not be affected by crowds, but the airports will.

TRAILMAP: http://skiamericacanada.com/kickingh...railmap01.html
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lodging links

for Golden, B.C.



Hostel Name: Kicking Horse Hostel
Address: 518 Station Avenue, Golden, Canada
Phone: (250) 344-5071


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