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Where is the 2005 Epic Ski Academy?

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Has the location of the 2005 academy been determined?
Inquiring minds would like to know!
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Yeah the 2005 EpicSki Academy is being held in Big Sky, Montana
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ESA at Big Sky

I am very sorry! I'd meant to post this on the 10th, but the site was down, and then I forgot.

EpicSki Academy will be at Big Sky, Montana, January 23-27, 2005. We're just tying up loose ends and will be publishing prices and opening for registration in a week or so.
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Ski camp advice?

What is the EpicSki Academy?

On that note, does anyone have any suggestions as to a good ski camp for learning to ski steep? Something that runs for about a week? I'm a first year skier (30 days skiing in this my first season) who is skiing mostly off piste black diamonds, and a few double blacks, who is looking for a hard core learning experience. I want to ski with the big boys next year, and am looking for the ultimate learning experience.

I live in Alberta, so Albera/BC/Wyoming would be fairly accessible for me. Any suggesions would be appreciated.
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I presume that you are asking in regard to the winter ski season. Whistler has a number of good programs that would fit the bill. In particular check out the Extremely Canadian Freeskiing camps, and Ski Esprit.
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Both Snowbird and Jackson Hole are known to have excellent Steep Camps.
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Actually, Colossus, EpicSki Academy employs coaches from the specialty steep camps specifically for people like yourself, who want to learn how to ski steep terrain, and Big Sky has a lot of steep terrain. (It has a lot of terrain for any level skier.) ESA is a 4-day camp. Big Sky is in southwest Montana.
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looking forward to more info

I've been trying to get to one of these since the first go around. Hopefully this will be the year...
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when will we se some prices and enrollment info?

Will there be a discount for early enrollment this time?
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xd, it's coming. I can't give an official response, as I'm not sorting out prices, etc, but I do know that the enrollment info is being developed.

Be patient!
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hooray for Big Sky

(even if I don't offer a "hooray" for their lift tix prices)

I can drive there in 4.5 hours. That's an easy one.

The tough one will be lodging. Big Sky is fairly remote. That means EXPENSIVE lodging.

But I'm sure nolo et al. will get us a good deal, as good as we can expect!

Stew, are you ready for Montana?
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I too am curious as to what this EpicSki Academy is. It sounds like there is some steeps aspects to it, but can you provide some more descrpitive examples of what you are putting together?
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Gonz, is Montana ready for me?

P.S. How's Uma?
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which one? my canine friend, or Ms Thurman?

I'd have to say Ms Thurman looked awfully good in the Kill Bill movies.

My canine friend said to tell you that despite your difficult accent, she enjoyed your company (even if she didn't know what you were saying)

Montana can handle you... it's the folks over at Casa Nolo that probably have the most to be concerned about. You know, the whole engagement/wedding thing. It's preordained.
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Well, I must say I'm not thrilled with the choice of venue, as Big Sky left a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth (prices, attitudes, etc.). But in all fairness, I didn't ski it nearly long enough for it to grow on me. And just being in the area will allow me to get back to Bridger, which I'd love. Maybe I'll even troop it back to Discovery for a day if the academy leaves me with any legs.

Probably the biggest plus will be nolo's involvement, as she seems to be super active both here on the board, and on the hill @ Big Sky. I'm sure she'll do a bang up job in showing us around her turf.
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Hi everyone,

Fox built and is hosting the registration forms so we will have 100% electronic registration available this year (if you use PayPal). We will have it ready in the next day or so.

Sno'more is working on the newsletter, which will go out in a day or so too.

Big Sky is giving us a great deal. I've organized some large events at Big Sky, so I can attest to the value we're getting, especially considering the time of season we will be there. A double occupancy first class room at the Huntley Lodge, which includes the bountiful Skier's Breakfast Buffet, ordinarily $134/day, is offered to ESA participants for $99/day. Lift tickets, ordinarily $57/day for the 4-day ticket, are $40/day. ESA guests will be able to enjoy these prices if they plan to arrive before or stay after the Academy.

In addition, Big Sky is saving us money on coaches' lodging and lifts, which we are passing along.

We'll have outstanding coaches for skiers of every ability, from novices to fearless experts, but we haven't got everyone booked yet. Many of the coaches will be returning from last year, but expect to see some exciting new names too.

XDog, I've worked at Big Sky and ski there a fair amount, but I have never worked for Big Sky. My home area is Bridger Bowl, which I am thrilled to hear you enjoyed. I hope people who attend the Academy can squeeze in a day at BB, one of the last of the community-owned not-for-profit ski areas. I'd love to guide a tour, and I'm sure RicB and Rio would also. That said, Bridger doesn't have a 6 mile long cruiser like Elk Park Ridge, or an aerial tram that accesses the free-fall Dictator Chutes or the nonstop bumps of Liberty Bowl. Big Sky is a very fun place to ski, with beginner terrain as varied and interesting as the expert stuff, and a veritable smorgasbord for intermediates.

I am sure that the people at Big Sky will treat our group like honored guests.

Gonz, Chez nolo are no mimosas. Fox has utterly no idea...
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My home mountain is Bridger Bowl, also, but I am always impressed when I go to Big Sky. Some of the ticket sellers & base area lift operators can be grouchy but the patrollers have always been very friendly as have most of the lifties. More important, the area has some fantastic terrain and some fantastic snow. Big Sky might be pricy by Montana standards but it is cheaper than Jackson Hole, Aspen, Vail & most Tahoe resorts. Considering the lack of crowds & lines it is a bargain.


Are you the Stewart that was recently married by proxy in White Sulfur Springs, Montana?
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Rio, it could be me, I'll ask the next time I'm in contact with the one known as "Your Highness", so I guess she's the Queen, and her daughter is the Princess Bride...
At my request, there won't be a Bridal Shower, instead, there will be a Bridal Powder Day.
BTW, the excitement is building. I believe that everything is almost ready to let people sign up for the greatest ski school in the world - one that is truly Epic. :
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Are you guys going to drive from SLC again? or from Spokane?
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I thought for sure the next Academy was going to be at Milton Keynes. Well, Big Sky will have to do.

Big Sky is a great place. It well may be near or at the the top of the list of areas that can claim the most terrain per skier on the mountain. It has a lot of diverse skiing opportunities as well (not to mention a resident mountain goat population at the summit.)
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
Are you guys going to drive from SLC again? or from Spokane?
The best way to get to Big Sky is to fly into Bozeman. From there is is only a 50 mile drive to Big Sky plus many of the lodges provide a shuttle. You're second best choice is Billings, Montana which is 140 miles from Bozeman, 190 from Big Sky. Billings has the advantage of American West flying into it with some pretty decent prices.

SLC is 360 miles from Big Sky and can easily be driven in less than 6 hours weather permitting. The problem is the middle 1/2 of the drive is in a section of Idaho prone to winds. Even if it is not snowing the winds can make visibility horrid. Spokane is 440 miles from Big Sky and takes about 7 hours to drive. The first part of the drive is through Northern Idaho which can get some heavy snowfalls especially at Lookout Pass on the Montana border. Personally, I would take the drive from Spokane over the drive from Utah during the winter.
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Like Jackson Hole, Bozeman is not a popular flight stop. The air fare is much more expensive than flights to SLC or Spokane(to me, its $270 vs $330 from SFO, if I book it today). In fact, flights to Billings is not cheaper. Does it justify the hassle of rent a car and drive? or just make Bozeman a final destination? What is the justification of driving to Jackson Hole from SLC last season?
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[quote=jackwan1 The air fare is much more expensive than flights to SLC or Spokane(to me, its $270 vs $330 from SFO, if I book it today).

>I'm confused, are you saying $60 is "much more expensive"?

In fact, flights to Billings is not cheaper. Does it justify the hassle of rent a car and drive? or just make Bozeman a final destination? [/QUOTE]

>This question doesn't make any sense. Obviously, if your final destination is closer to Bozeman than it is to Billings by 100 miles, you should fly into Bozeman. The fact that it's cheaper to Boz. makes it even more of a no brainer.
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Jackwan1 -

The cheapest flights into Bozeman from the West Coast are usually with Alaska Air & its subsidiary Horizon Air. I checked on their site (www.alaskaair.com) putting in dates of Jan. 21 through Jan. 28 and found numerous flights for $331.

Gas alone from either Spokane or SLC to Bozeman will be $60 or more for the round trip. Add in the fact you will probably hit snow on at least one leg of your drive and the $60 extra to fly into Bozeman is well worth it.
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Travel Plans

We have a travel agent at the ready to provide cheapest fares to Bozeman. The agent is Montana Travel, http://www.mttravel.com/ or call (406) 587-1188 or (800) 247-3538. Please identify yourself as an EpicSkiAcademy participant when you call to get the best rates.
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