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Future Ski Technology

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History shows that what technology can be imagined, tends to become reality. Therefore - I'm pretty sure that these ideas will become a reality:

HUD Goggles: A heads up display that gives you everything from GPS fixated location on a local trail/topo map, to proximity warnings when a collison from outside your view from another skier/boarder is pending - to even soft-scan radar below the snow surface so when you are in the powder you see objects you might hit highlighted in red.

Chameleon Skis: DP Chameleon skis already did this YEARS ago (remember everybody?!) - where you could change the flex of the ski with a little allen wrench, and it worked. But who wants to stop and do this all the time? Anyway, the future is clearly in memory-metals and electronically activated plastics - skis that will not only change flex but sidecut and length as well. On command.

Magnetic Bindings: Kneissel did research years ago into an integrated boot/binding/ski that used electromagnets for retention. Great idea - but you'd have to carry a backpack full of batteries around. Well, we know that power sources get smaller and smaller. Eventually the smart choice will be a magnetic retention system. It can be programmed for the users exact bone density, muscle mass and etc (using an MRI perhaps) to give perfect non-friction releases before injury occurs.

Remote Servo-suit instruction: your instrutor wears a suit that sends cues to your suit - urging your body into the proper posture for each movement. Potentially a VERY fast learning curve here!

Ah . . . I've many more ideas, but I'm curious about yours. What do you see in the future?
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Cloths that vent and wick as you get hot so that you don't need to constantly work the vent zippers all day.
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Clothes, boots, and glovesthat contain electronics that allow you to change the heat as needed.
Training skis with programs that will give you the feel of World Cup turns and pure carving turns. Some way of giving skiers the correct feel/body positions ie. edge angle, pressure, stance and rotary/steering so that the correct moves are ingrained in muscle memory.

Boots that feel like sneakers but have all the support and protection required for skiing.

A force field that surrounds the skier and protects them from trees/rocks other skiers, knuckledraggers, and rain.

Homing devices in the skis so that they never get lost or can be recovered if stolen.
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Weather control over your favorite ski area so you can have natural powder days every day even in July.

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Here's a reality check . . .

With global warming melting the polar ice caps, the long-term future of the skiing industry is bleak. 100 years from now, there may be no skiing in the Northeast. The only snow in North America will be found at 10,000 feet or higher. The whole skiing industry could collapse if the warming trend continues.

Recent scientific analysis has proven that the earth is warming. The permafrost in Siberia is melting. Go to Glacier National Park today because the glaciers will be gone in another few decades. Huge icebergs are breaking off of the ice caps, raising the water levels of the earth's oceans. Sell your ocean front property because it will be underwater by the next century. Ski New England this spring because it may never be this good again. Ever.

I certainly hope none of the above is true. Perhaps our world is in the midst of a cyclical temperature increase that will reverse in good time. One can only hope.
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Two things...

I recently heard that "global" warming, is actually "urban" warming. It seems that some studies have shown that while urban areas are getting warmer, some rural areas have actually gotten cooler. I don't know how much I believe this, but I'm just reporting what I heard, so turn off the flame thrower.

Also, as I understand it, at a certain point (don't remember what that point is), when the temp of the oceans warms enough, it will alter the course of the Gulf Stream and other ocean currents, and could actually lead to a fairly quick turn around and send us headed toward the next ice age. How cool would that be? Not to mention that the rising ocean levels, in the mean time, would wipe out NY city and LA. Now that would be cool!
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Jaws and John H,

If these are the same guys that predict the weather I'm not too worried.
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Ok Gravity.....

A magnetic ski slope.

+ skis and a + slope......(positive pole)

Add a little gravity (magic ingredient) and
down you go. The same principal as the European mag-lev train.

If you got going too fast, you could change the polarity of the ski and come to a dead stop.

It might work but it would never get FDA approval.<FONT size="1">

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I'm still waitiiing for the flying car I ordered in the seventies. Just because those things could be done does not meaan they should be done.
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Well it seems now the topic is about Global Warming.

1. It would be happening even if man hadn't progressed to the Industrial Revolution and beyond ! Why?

2. The end of or very close to the end of the Ice Age should be viewed as the low tempearatures for the Earth in recent geological history, say the last million or so years.

For most of its existance,the earth has been a good deal warmer than even now. The Ice Age was probably a result of that very very large meteror that ended the "Age of the Dionasaurs." Sort of a nuclear winter effect, with the debris of that meteror crash , blocking out a good portion of the suns's rays for many many years, and it could happen again !

3. We can slow this natural warming by creating less green house gases. Remember the Age of Dinosaurs could not have happened without the world being a gigantic green house for millions and millions of years.

4.The environmentalists are very up tight about global warming, which really is a natural event. The pollution caused by the auto, trucks, power plants, industry etc, is just "slightly" accelerating a natural process. I wonder how clean the air was during prehistorice times with all those volcanoes blowing their tops ?

5. With the end of the Ice Age, and about 10,000 years later world civilization as we know it, a coincidence, or a plan ? I don't think the process of "natural" warming of the earth, after the Ice Age, really cares.

6. Should we be concerned ? Yes about air quality, but not the warming.

We [ the people of this planet ] will just have to adjust over the next several centuries as global warming continues. We will have higher oceans and changes in climatic patterns, but for the most part they will be gradual changes, allowing for good planning and appropriate adaptive proceedures.

7. Must we have cleaner use of fossil fuels [ you know they are the fuel sources that were created during the Age of Dinosaurs ] Yes !

8. Fuel cell technology will go along way in eliminating polutants, heat, and the need to have batteries to drive our vehicles, with no waitng times for recharging, or range limitations.

9.Will global warming effect the future of skiing ? The real question should be is there a future for the Skiing-Snowboarding industry ? Global warming is not as pressing an issue !

10. Barring some catastrophic event, Global Warming will continue regardless of what man does or does not do for amny many years to come. But will the ski industry ? That's an issue that has true relevant immediacy, and needs attention now !

For now let's enjoy as much Happy Skiing as we can for the remainder of this ski season.
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AK- Just hope you and Pierre eh! aren't both on the same mountain the same day. I can see him dialing in ciy bumps while you're dialing in fresh powder. Reminds me of a short story from a ski mag 35 + years ago about weather control...
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I'm sure something like this has been done before somwhere, but I've yet to see it. I'd love to be able to ski right up to an outdoor bar, order my drink, and perch on a stool (maybe the stools could rise up from the ground while you order, so that you don't have to mess around heaving your skis over them to get on).

Ski in, ski out beer stops (and let's not get into that discussion again here). I remember going to a hotel in Vienna where there was a bar in the swimming pool - seats actually just under water - and I thought it was fantastic. Same principle on the pistes, please!

Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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