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Summit County Get Together on 6/5?

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This will be our last weekend trip before THE BIG MOVE. We are getting together with Bong and his wife. Anyone care to join us Saturday evening?
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Originally Posted by Lisamer
This will be our last weekend trip before THE BIG MOVE. We are getting together with Bong and his wife. Anyone care to join us Saturday evening?
Bong and his wife, hmmm what did I miss? Do I need to buy a gift?

Anyway I will be around, solo as hubby will be in Indiana. Would love to meet for dinner.
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Congratulations on your upcoming move to Colorado. Wishing you much success. Enjoy the new rhythm of a whole new lifestyle. May you find much joy.
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I tried to send you a PM, but you're not turned on to receive them, so I'll have to say my goodbyes here.

We'll miss you! It seems like just last week we sat around at Stowe and talked about this, and now you're almost gone!

We'll come out and ski you someday.

Good luck on your new venture! Enjoy the rush!
Bonni and Jeff
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Thanks everyone! If no disasters happen in the next week, we will have a 2 bed in Dillon, so please come visit. We are buying it furnished, albeit cheaply so. But as of now, all funds are going towards equipment for the studio, so we are holding off trying to make the condo look "pretty." So we can't offer beautiful accomodations, but hey, its in the mountains!!!!

An aside: If you ever consider buying furnished property in a ski area, property that has "nicer" Walmart stuff can be priced about 5k higher! There was a place that looked, from the photos, like it had these beautiful blue flowered kitchen cabinets. It ended up being contact paper. Thank goodness our realtor is ethical, and said to us "I don't see why this is worth an extra $5,000!

Another point, our mortage company will not include the price of the furniture as part of the mortgage, so it ends up being an out of pocket expense. You need to make sure that the seller does not mark up the value of their furniture too high.

The BIG MOVE will happen on June 26, when we drive from Boston to Colorado. I pray to whatever Gods may be that I have my drivers license by then, and that I finally get the hang of this "driving thing."

As a public service anouncement, I will post an itinerary about what state we will be in, so that people will know to stay off the road!!!
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Thanks for not driving through Vermont!

I think you'll do ok on the Driving Thing once you're out of the Boston area. Things are a little more laid back where you're going...at least until the snow flies, and by then you'll be experienced. (reminds me of a Jimi song )

I can't imagine learning to drive within 100 miles of Boston. :
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Congratulations on your move. You will love it.

I will have to take a rain check on 6/5. I am doing the Elephant Rock Bike ride on Sunday morning in Castle Rock. I look forward to meeting all of you.

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LM- you never learned to drive? Can't you just get on the Green Line to the end?
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Driving Myself Crazy!

DP, the Green Line is one of the many reasons I need to get the HECK out of Boston! But you'll appreciate this.

Lesson 1:On a Monday at 5:00 Pm instructor gives my no preparitory info, and has me drive down Harvard street, then turn on Beacon at Coolidge Corner!! A bunch of yahoos, seeing the "driving school" sign on the car, tried to run me off the road!

I managed to survive, even though the instructor was pretty much ignoring me while he flirted with the young high school girl in the back seat. By the time we get to the nice, quiet Brookline neighborhood, my hands where shaking so much from fear that I could barely control the wheel! A pretty white picket fence came close to suffering a bit of damage.

When I came home, I called the school and told them not to give me the same instructor. Mark took me out the next day, and we drove around the cemetary. He figured, people are already dead...ok, that's not funny...
This time a poor tree almost had a chance to not grow in Brookline. Seems that once I start turning the wheel, I keep turning, almost as if I'm trying to turn the skis up a hill.

Lesson 2: Much better instructor, but also a cowboy! Nobody believes in starting you out on "green trails" in the local driving schools. No wonder Boston has such lousy drivers! In a few lessons, I've driven through the Jamaica way, and Roxbury and Mattapan, which are the heavy crime areas of Boston. My instructor thinks this is funny.
'Watch out!! The car on the left looks like he's escaping from the POlice. YIKES!!!

But he is pretty safety conscious. As much as I tend to be a nervous wreck, whenever we hit a steep hill, I have this uncanny, inexplicable desire to put my foot on the excelerator!! Feels like I'm ripping down a black diamond. I do get yelled at for that. One time I yelled out "WHEEEE!!"
He said:

"I don't want to be hearing no "Whee" when we go down that hill! What yoiu gonna be doing when you go do on them icy mountains in Colorado with your foot on the excelerator like that?"

The thing, now that I've been behind the wheel, the one thing that i have learned is that its pretty easy to control speed at a moment's notice, should the need arise. Guess I'm grateful for small favors!
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LM, to bad your moving to Colorado, in your present state of driving competancy you'd make a good Floridian!

In your training do remember, skiers drive the slow line fast!!

Good luck with the new life, and don't worry about the new wrinkles your going to develop living in the Rockies. Everyone out there has them, their called smile wrinkles! I've lived in Summit County before, it's great, you're going to love it. FASTMAN
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Since I am still not that familiar with the area, anyone want to pick a place. We will be spending Sat. daytime (hopefully) getting the keys to our condo and bringing stuff over, so we are talking about Saturday PM.
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Bad planning, Bong is going to be at the Elephant Rock as well, I was thinking that I would get the meeting information from him. I have no idea how to reach you but will be in Summit County this weekend. If your PM was on I would have sent you my #
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That's odd. I did receive some Pms earlier. I'll try you.
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It was very nice meeting you and Mark. Hope you had a good time. Thanks for dinner!
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The same, and you are welcome!
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