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Is su_dchan the same as dchan? :
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I don't know but teachskiljp is the same as skierteach and/or skierteach1
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yes. While I'm making all these changes I and when I installed and rebuilt the system I had to create a super user account that allowed me a little more "power" in the forum. Once I get a lot of this stuff fixed. I'll be back to being just plain old dchan.

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Plain ol vanilla dchan?
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Now, here's something, it says I last visited here 12-31-1969 at 11.00pm, which is OK, but I was 3 months short of being born then!
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the 1969 thing was a byproduct of the import process.

Funny WTFH
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Hey Super dchan, I sent a message to you through the 'contact us' link. Did you get it or is that not functional? In short, I lost my screen name and no amount of 'editing profile' helps.

Thanks again for all of your work.
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