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Lost Users/Passwords  

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Hi all,

I'm now beginning to realize how many people were "totally lost" during the last crash.

Please send your requests to me at dchan@pctime.com

The information I need is as follows,

1. Your user name or display name,
2. Your password or if you want us to generate a new one for you.
3. The email address to send the userid/password
4. The email you want attached to your profile (if different than above)
5. Any information you might have about your old profile (old member number, post count if you remember, date joined.
6. The "Filler###" if you can find one that matches some of your earlier posts.

I'm working with support at our new software vendor to figure out how to transfer and repair these "filled in" userid's so it might take a few days please be patient. I'll get to them as quickly as I can.

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More info

1. A feature we thought we had was to have different Display names rather than only a user name. I stll have not figured out how to enable this feature so If you can live with the "wrong" displayed name for now I'll let you know when I figure this out.

2. I just turned on the invisible feature so it should be working.

3. We now have a way to merge user info and this seems to connect you with other missing posts. Almost all the posts have a name assigned to them. If you were lost in the March crash and created a new user id, your old posts will probably have a fillerxx number assigned to it. You can send me requests to merge these.

4. I'm finding that the user number doesn't really show anywhere and I'm kind of inclined to not look for a way to recreate it. We can change your join date back to when you first signed on which will give you the same "status" of being an early member.
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