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Finally Up and running

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Hi All,

It's been a trying 2+ weeks getting the system back on line.

The original plan got pushed up long before we wanted it to because of the last crash at our previous Host. The out of drive space this time caused a great deal of corruption so that we were unable to repair and get the old site working. The original plan was to have the new servers online, tested and running with a clean import, then to switch over the systems. The time spent getting a clean and correct import with out a "working forum" proved to be the biggest problem. Also the fact that we had lost so many member's profiles in the past few months also created some problems with the import.

The system is finally back on line. I'll be monitoring the system closely and working on getting our pictures, graemlins and other customized things back as we go.

The supporter lounge and premium articles will be back on line soon. I need to go through the supporter's list and re-enable these people before we turn that function back on.

For some reason the import process reverted everyone's last visit to 1969 so as members start connecting, these counters should be updated.

If there are problems or questions please contact me via PM or this post. I'll try to respond but more likely if it's something that needs fixing, I'll just fix it.

Things you will need to do..

1. Go into your profiles check all your settings. I believe the system defaulted everyone's log in name to their display name. If you wanted your display name different you will need to fix this. [Important correction: The new software does not permit separate login and public display names. We will be modifying the software to permit this in the near future, but right now your login name will be your public display name.]

2. In your profiles page you will also need to set the PM function back to enabled if you wish to receive PM's.

3. Signatures, pictures, etc also did not transfer so you will need to fix these as well.

Thanks Again for all your support and patience.

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If you would, start making note's of website links, references to other threads, images, etc that are broken. PM me with the link to the thread and I'll see what I can do about fixing them. This will be an ongoing long process but with everyone's help and patience we should be able to slowly fix these links.


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Back Online!

THANKS dchan, awesome job! Finally we have shed both the culprits to our past problems -- the UBB forum software which likes to indiscriminately delete it own files, and the Earthlink hosting service which was a nightmare and is to be avoided at all costs!

I'm still on the road, so dchan's efforts to move and re-install the platform are particularly appreciated by me. I just checked in and saw the new forum up and running.

As soon as I get home this week I will work on transferring over the EpicSki graphics/look & feel, as well as updating the supporter info and activating the Supporter forums. Plus, I'm sure we'll have some fine tuning to do.

Let us know if you see things you like or dislike as compared to the old forum software and we shall adjust according to the feedback.

Man, it's good to be back online! Don't worry, we will not make a habit of this kind of downtime -- in fact I don't expect to do it again ever (that's why we made the full switch to a more robust and scalable software/hardware setup).
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Great Job guys! With in just a few minutes of logging on I can already tell that the download times are much faster. Thanks for all the hard work.
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Thanks for all the hard work.
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Thanks, guys!

What an enormous task! Thank you!

I was hurting wihout my fix of EpicSki - sooooo glad we're back online!
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Titles? We don't need no stinkin titles!

Thanks for all your hard work, dchan, and AC.....the crime rate in Pownal is going to go down, thanks to you!

Great to be back!
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Thanks for all the work. Its great that the sites back!!!!!
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I can breathe again!
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Dchan & AC,

Many thanks for your efforts. I know from my own experience that system conversions seldom go as planned, often due to circumstances beyond our control.

I'm happy to see Epic up and running again!

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Terrific job guys!

post #12 of 25 E Mail still running?

Thanks for all your efforts!

You never know how much you take something for granted until it is taken away...*bet ya never heard that before!*

By the way....I can't seem to get into my e mail account. Is it still running?


Rib Mountain Bruce
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as we mentioned before mail via is in the works but is a lower priority. If you have or use an epicski email address please contact me.

I'll work on that later this week. New access to epicski webmail will be in place sometime soon. (target is no later than June 1) If you paid for the ad free/larger space email space, please let us know. I'll need you to send me a PM with your epicski userid and password in order to recreate the mail boxes.

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Thanks for all of your hard work! Your efforts are appreciated by a great many people.
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You RAWK, dchan!
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Great looking new site!!!

Thanks dchan & AC for all the hard is appreciated A LOT!!!!

Downloads seem faster, WYSIWYG editor, attachments ....and I'm sure more I haven't stumbled over yet. Great enhancements, on top of getting away from the old unstable platform.

Again, thank you
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Love the speed and stability! One problem, however- it seems that all of the private messages that I had saved were lost with the transition. Are these gone forever, or can they be retrieved somehow?
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as far as I can tell lost and gone forever (sorry) but I have pieces of the old site. That's a project for down the road. No promises

First job is get everyone back in the system and slowly get rid of the "fillers" and get them rejoined with their proper owners.

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Good job, AC and dchan! I'm glad I had my password stashed away, 'cause I'd totally forgotten it.
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Great job guys! I'm sure your users will love vBulletin once they get used to it.
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Geeez, I knew it had been a long time since my last EpicSki fix, but I was just SHOCKED to see that my last visit was 12/31/1969!!!

It will take awhile to get used to the new look and feel, but it's great to have you back, boys! Thanks, AC & dchan for all your hard work!
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Awesome work, Dave. I know you have suffered much for this--we all owe you big! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Any idea why my post count went from 2912 to 1600? I hate to bother you about this trivial matter, but I had been looking with anticipation at that 3000 post milestone, and this is quite a setback!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Got your post count for you Bob. Looking forward to the big 3000 post celebration. :
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Are we going to have a party? Can I come too?
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Thanks for all of the hard work!!! Sorry to hear about your bum leg!
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