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Bever Creek in December

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How are the conditions usually during the holiday period? How is bever creek (difficulty, etc)? Since New England is not that reliable early on we decided to head out west to bever creek!

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re: Beaver Creek in Dec.

Beaver Creek should be fine by the December holidays. The question is whether it will be great or just satisfactory. That's a crap shoot. A little more information about who's going on the trip would help people respond to your other question. BC's not a difficult mountain by Jackson Hole/Snowbird standards, but it has several runs that are challenging, fun and fast. I would classify BC is a great beginner/intermediate mountain and a good expert mountain. If you are going over the holidays, it will likely be the least crowded of the Vail/Breck/Aspen alternatives. Of course, it will also be one of the most expensive. There's not much nightlife to speak of at BC, but you can always catch a bus to Vail. It's a great family resort if that's what you're seeking. If you're one of those people who get offended at seeing rich people walking about in expensive ski suits or just generally doing obnoxious things, the place isn't for you. If you're one of those skiers who needs a "real" ski town, it's not for you.

Edit: Egad, I've been reduced to "Junior Member." What a pejorative term. I feel like I'm 12 and should have the nickname "skippy." Instead of "Junior Member," "Member" and "Senior Member," couldn't we use "Stallion," "Stud" and "Ron Jeremy" as the categories?
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Concur with previous comments. Beaver Creek is in general a VERY NICE RESORT, excellent LIFTS, fantastic grroming, and a "everything works here" feeling. Snow is usually no problem, neither are crowds. And, this past January being our 9th trek out west, we concluded that COLORADO has got to have the largest amount of sunny days of all major ski destinations (out of 14 days, 12 BLUE,SUNNY)!!!!

While we're at it, I humbly suggest you look into Snowmass as base, and do all other 3 ASPEN mountains; much bigger and varied than BC.

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Yes Aspen is a great mountain but I challenge you to find another resort with smaller lift lines in that entire skiing vacinity. While you can ski beaver creek for entire week easily without getting bored, if you need a change of pace you can always drive to Vail 10 minutes away. Or Keystone or Breckenridge all under the same ski ski pass.
Beaver Creek is a great mountain to vacation and ski at and I highly recommend it. That is why I work there.

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I ski at "The Beav" the week before Christmas each year. If you go before Christmas, then rates are fine, in the Christmas week, you will be pressed to find any lodging on the mountian for under $300-$400 per night. The week we go, all the lodging is 1/2 off, the resort is decked out for the holidays, the staff is not burned out yet, it's pretty much vacant and the conditions have been excellent. The mountain is so meticuously maintained. Stay at the Hyatt, It's an experience not to be missed. Leave your boots and skis with the valet, wear your slippers down to the ski desk, drop them off, pick up your warm, dry boots, go outside and your skis are waiting in the snow for you. When you finished for the day drop the skis outside and pick your slippers up after taking off your boots! Excellent accomodations, great restaurants and the Allegra spa is my wife's favorite. Also, you may want to consider the Hyatt Technique-week ski school. http://beavercreek.hyatt.com/propert...ail.jhtml?id=3. Groups of no more than 4-5 per group ski together with world-class instructors for 4 days. Ski at at Vail and Beaver creek. Fantastic experience, You really will improve, no matter what your level. Make sure you fly in to Vail-Eagle Airport. (EGE) it's only 1/2 hour away. E-mail on the side if you want more info.
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