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Gore Ski Resort

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I'm going to Gore, this winter for a vacation. Can anyone give me any info on Gore or Whiteface?
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Whiteface is one of my favorites (never been to Gore), Make sure you get gas when you get off the Interstate since it's not always easy with the exception of Lake Placid.

Cellphone service is very limited.
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Originally posted by BUCKEYE SKIER:
I'm going to Gore, this winter for a vacation. Can anyone give me any info on Gore or Whiteface?
I've skied Gore once or twice (my in-laws live in Indian Lake, a bit north of Gore). The characteristic I remember most about Gore is it is cold!!!

They have enclosed lifts to help with that (and it does help!). The slopes are long, Eastern-style wooded trails. With fresh snow, they are quite fun, but they can get bulletproof and painful if you fall (my bride had bruises for days!!!).

I have never skied Whiteface ( ), so can't comment on it.

As a state-owned area, Gore was always a pretty good deal. If you are looking for an inexpensive place to stay and don't mind driving a bit, drop me a PM and I'll turn you on to my in-laws and their friendly cabin rentals. You won't find anything cheaper, but you will find places (much) closer!

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Admittedly my knowledge base is limited on these two areas. I've been to Whiteface on two occasions and Gore only once. But I've made visits to virtually all other major ski areas in New England so here's my two cents worth of impressions and perspective:
Generally, these two areas don't have the same quality of snowgrooming/snow conditions as big name resorts in Vermont. They are state-run, so they are less developed, with little or no base lodging. They are more like giant day-ski areas rather than resorts. Some like this about them, some don't. Both are really interesting and large mountains and have gondolas and other modern lifts. Whiteface is about 90 minutes north of Gore. The fact that you will be staying away from the base of the slopes alone will make a visit cheaper to them than to most major Vermont ski areas. Lift tics may be a few bucks cheaper too. I was at Gore about 12 yrs ago and at that time it was extremely crowded on a Saturday in February.
If you're driving from Ohio, stopping in NY state (at least Gore) will be an hour or two closer than say, Killington.
If you don't need to be pampered, a day or two at each as part of a combo trip might be real interesting. They both (esp Whiteface) have some very expert terrain. Killington, Stratton and Mt. Snow would have more variety for intermediate skiers, but Gore and Whiteface would definitely give you a taste of big mtn Eastern skiing.
Here's some more food for thought:
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Whiteface is the biggest mountain on the East coast, it's more than 3 thousand feet high and you can ski all this vertical in one run if you are strong enough. It's a very good mountain for advanced skiers, but for intermediates choices are more limited, especially in the afternoon, when many blue trails become icy and bumpy. Heated gondola helps a lot on cold and windy days, and there're plenty of those, dress warm! It's VERY uncrowded, nothing to compare with Vermont resorts, even on Presidents week you won't have to wait in lift lines, though - again - blue trails could see a lot of traffic on weekends/holidays.

I haven't been to Gore for the last 4-5 years. I'd say it's about 2-2.5 hours from Whiteface, depending on weather. I don't go there any more because it's more crowded than Whiteface and, most importantly, there' a big flat in the middle of the Mountain, which you can't avoid if you're skiing from top to bottom. Practically it slices Gore in two mountains with a small cross-country area in between. The gondola run used to be very slow, though it could have changed with the new gondola. Still it's a beautiful mountain with some vertical and lots of runs.

There's no on-mountain lodging on either mountain.
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On weekends, Gore is certainly more crowded than Whiteface (as always, go on a weekday and you'll be alone), but I think it's a great area. Lots of great tree-skiing, narrow trails above mid-mountain, decent vert, a few really steep runs ("Rumors" & "Lies" are standouts) a couple of high-speed quads and a gondola, and a slow, old double lift for purists.

A great selling point about any of the state-owned areas in New York (Whiteface, Gore, Belleayre) is that you can stand at the top and see nothing but mountains, forests, and/or lakes -- no hotels, condos, or highways. Try that at most ski areas.

Also, they put in a new lift that allows you to circumvent the long flat trail ("Cloud") that connected the upper and lower mountain.

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Did you Say "Iceface?" That's the only problem with Whiteface. It's real icy if it hasn't snowed in a few days. So if you decide on Whiteface check the forecast before you go..It can get pretty wild up on top. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Both Whiteface and Gore have been greatly improved in the last few years. New lifts at Gore have made it easier to get around, there are 2 new steep trails, and there are lots of glades to ski. Whiteface has a new gondola, but the main improvement is that the Slides are now open to ski when conditions permit. When the Slides are good, it's a short hike to some of the best terrain in the East.
There is still lots of intermediate skiing at both areas.
Also, if you get a good dump while you are there, you should ski Hickory Hill in Warrensburg. It's all natural snow, all bumps all the time, but it's only open weekends and holidays.

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