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Crystal Mt.

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Wife and I are going up to Crystal Mt tuesday and maybe stay over for a full day of spring skiing on Wednesday. Any ideas on where to stay (or where to avoid!!!) and current conditions?
Ray & Leigh
Portland OR
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Most of the lodging at Crystal is listed here. There is other lodging in Enumclaw (25 minutes away) and Greenwater (45 minutes).
I personally would stay at the Alpine Inn. Small cozy, kind of old fashioned. Some or all of the Alpine Inn rooms share bathrooms with the room next door (1 bathroom per 2 rooms) Not really a problem just different. May not be an issue this late in the season. http://www.crystalhotels.com/hotels.html#Alpine Inn
There isn't a hot tub but you can go over to the Hot tub at the condos. Condos might be good place to stay also. Website for condos http://www.crystalmtlodging-wa.com/
Real good breakfasts and dinners in the Alpin Inn dining room. Snorting Elk Bar downstairs is good too.
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hey ryel, spring conditions were great up at crystal yesterday. We had 1-2 inches of new thay was very carvable. forecast is unfortunately calling for alot of precip at high freezing levels, hopefully upper half will get snow.

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Ryel, was up there today and had great conditions. Softened up about 10:30 and was fun to play in the rest of the day. They were having trouble with the Rainier Express but I think they got it solved. Sorry you weren't there today. Would've like to ski with you. Bad news is...reason I went today is that the rest of the week is supposed to be as crystalextreme says, might be a lot of clouds/fog and might be some rain. Also, either they're not grooming much because they're low on manpower or maybe they just don't want to scrape the snow off in places. Anyway, being first chair up in the morning today meant some hard, cold ice crud. Not supposed to be so cold at night the rest of the week. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Have fun and good luck. Hope this isn't too late for ya. By the way check with the Crystal lodging to see if they still have the lift passes night lodging deal they usually have during the week.

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Thanks for the info. Wife decided to watch the web forcasts and wait for clear weather. Doesn't like skiing in the rain. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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