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Mammoth Crowds???

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Pretty much decided on Mammoth from Dec 26-Jan3. I know the holiday crowds are everywhere but all I keep reading is how Mammoth is jammed during that time. Is it more crowded than say the Summit County or Park City resorts??? Also sounds like a snowboarder heaven (reading from posts) are there the usual mix of boarders/skiers? :
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"usual"? no. much higher % of tattoos and piercings out this way.

You're sure to get more thorough replies but, suffice to say, Mammmoth is world-class snowboard area and as such is a considerable magnet for them. the park and pipe scene on the mountain is HUGE. i have not personally noticed any higher a percentage of boarders on the hill (as opposed to summit county or park city, per your example), and you'll even find some that get down steep moguls pretty darn admirably. that's percentages; as for crowd MASS, you will definitely have plenty of company.

Again, you'll hear more from those at mammoth more than i have been. as for crowds, YES, expect them during that time frame. You'll be able to introduce yourself to a considerable portion of the southern california skiing/boarding population.

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If you ski the chair 9 area, you can avoid both the crowds and most snowboarders (long traverse).
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bayview - there will defintely be holiday crowds. They come into play for parking - the shuttles can help depending on where your staying; the lifts at the bottom - lifts 1 and 2, canyon and eagle express will be very crowded espicially around 10am and again after lunch; and the runs that are the major arteries for traffic (Stump Alley, Broadway, some others) - these will be crowded all day.

That said there are numerous parts of the mountain that NEVER get crowded. While I can't give away all local knowledge I agree with milesb - the chair 9 area is good (it's especially nice in the morning) and chair 22 is never crowded (it services a large acreage of single and double blacks). Those two chairs alone can keep you busy. If you'd like something a bit mellower try chairs 12, 13 and 14. If your more adventurous there are numerous lines off the top where you won't see many others. I see from your profile you like steep/flat - if I assume that means steeps that aren't bumped-out you'll definitely like skiing off the top.

They key is to avoid the main and canyon lodge areas as much as possible.

And yes, we have a large, skilled boarder community. Not an issue for me but there will be more of the clumsy lift line mix of skiiers and boarders, and more beginer and intermidiate boarders during the holidays (with the potential for takedowns). If you like chair 22 you probably won't see many boarders during your stay.

I grew up skiing in Vermont, bummed a season in Aspen and have been fortunate enough to ski many of the top US resorts. I've skiied MM for the last 20 years and love the place, it's hard to get me to go anywhere else. If you go I hope you have a good time.
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the bad news? well, there are massive crowds, a seeming majority of which being from southern california (think LA freeway during rush hour...)and i have had many a *interesting* experience (um, can you say run-in) with skiers/riders at mammoth (not that that is the only place, however)

the good news? mammoth is, well, mammoth! there are nooks and crannies all over in which to hide out, ski hard, take a break, and escape the maddening crowds if need be... so i am sure that you will be able to bleed out a good time, crowds and all! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Check out the post from August entitled "Mammouth ?????", I put a pretty good guide to avoiding crowds on the holiday.
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